With over two million views, this hypnotic Tesla video is strangely satisfying

Let's face it, Tesla videos are flooding YouTube. As avid watchers, we're all over Model 3 Owners Club, Now You Know, TeslatunityTesla Geeks, TeslanomicsKmanAutoSean MitchellBjørn Nyland, and NZCUTR. We even follow LikeTesla on Twitter. And we just checked in with E for Electric for Model 3 Christmas tips. However, there's one particular Model X video that's putting a hypnotic spell on Tesla fans everywhere.

Above: Showing Tesla's Model X some true love (YouTube: Gentle Whispering ASMR)

Could it be some kind of trippy, voodoo-style witchcraft that triggered over two million views for this video? Well, not exactly. According to Simon Cohen in Driving, "A Tesla Model X has just been cast as the star of a new ASMR video, which features a blonde host dragging her fingernails across the car’s surfaces as she provides an intensely intimate description of the Tesla’s many attractive qualities."

If you're confused why, Cohen goes on to explain, "Ok... ASMR, short for 'autonomous sensory meridian response,' is the official name for what happens when you experience a pleasing tingling sensation that starts in your scalp (or thereabouts) and then progresses down the length of your body in response to non-touch cues, like sights or sounds."

Above: A different kind of Tesla review video (YouTube: Gentle Whispering ASMR)

Apparently, "There are several things that can trigger ASMR, but the internet’s favourite one is the sound of someone speaking very softly, right into your ears, via a pair of headphones... [and] even though only a small subset of the population experiences ASMR, some of these videos have over 35 million views."

In addition, "ASMR apparently helps some people get to sleep when their minds refuse to shut down for the night. As our whispering, finger-tapping [Maria] makes her way around the Model X’s broad shoulders, 'prominent' grille ornament, and milky interior, one can’t help but wonder just what kinds of dreams await those who fall asleep to this video."

Above: Gentle tapping on the Model X seatbacks creates an eerie yet entrancing sound (YouTube: Gentle Whispering ASMR)

Cohen concludes, "We’re not entirely sure where this Tesla ASMR video fits on the genre’s scale-o-weirdness, but we know this: We’ll never be able to drive behind one again without the words 'the soft and supple material that hugs your body as you sit comfortably inside' returning to send an electric tingle down our spine."


Source: Driving; Video/Images: Gentle Whispering ASMR