Tesla Pro Tip: Disengage the Supercharging Steering Lock

Tesla Pro Tip: Disengage the Supercharging Steering Lock

Tesla’s steering wheels go into a lock mode when you’re charging at a Supercharger, but what happens if you need to move the wheel without unplugging? To be sure, the steering wheel may need to be in a specific position to use certain aftermarket parts, but one simple trick will let drivers change the position of the wheel without ceasing the charging process.

Above: Teslas at a Supercharger station (Casey Murphy / EVANNEX).

This particular trick will come in handy for Tesla drivers using a steering wheel desk or similar hardware, since most of these products require the steering wheel to be in a specific position. Learn how to unlock your steering wheel without unplugging from the Supercharger below, so you can turn it to any position you need.

Check out this Tesla Pro Tip from Erwin Meyer at EVSpeedy.com below to learn how to undo your steering lock — without ending your charging session.

Disengage the Supercharging, Steering Lock

When you charge your car at a Supercharger, your steering wheel should be locked automatically. If you would like to eat or work on a steering desk, and the steering wheel is not in the correct position you would have to unplug, unlock and adjust. You can skip this step by going into your Menu and launching Beach Buggy Racer, which will disengage the steering wheel. You can then turn your steering wheel in your desired location.


You can find this and even more Tesla Pro Tips at EVSpeedy.com.