Tesla Pro Tip: Get Money Back from Your Tire Warranty

Posted on April 30, 2023 by Peter McGuthrie

Tesla buyers who have Michelin tires on their vehicles may stand to benefit from some of the tire company’s warranty policies when upgrading to their next set. EVANNEX partners at EVSpeedy.com recently pointed out this one way Tesla drivers can get money back on their Michelin tires, as long as they’re willing to contact the tire manufacturer before their warranty runs out.

Above: A Tesla's tires (Image: Casey Murphy / EVANNEX).

According to EVSpeedy, buyers with Michelin tires can go to any Michelin dealership location before their warranties are up, and they may be able to get some money back or toward their next set of tires if they’re more worn out than they’re supposed to be — not uncommon for use with Teslas. Michelin offers limited warranties on its tires ranging from 20,000 to 80,000 miles, according to the tire type and the company’s guidelines, which can be found here.

Read this week’s Tesla Pro Tip from EVSpeedy.com below to learn the simple process of getting money back on Michelin tires when upgrading.

How to Get Money Back From Your Tire Warranty

The weight of Teslas can be pretty hard on Michelin tires. If you have the Michelin tires you can get some money back from them if you have some issues before the warranty comes up. You can go to any certified Michelin dealer and have them write a note where the wear and tear is together with the mileage on your car. You can then call Michelin customer service, and they will give you a check for the difference. You can also get a discount on the tires from the place where you got the tires.


You can find this and even more Tesla Pro Tips at EVSpeedy.com.

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