Tesla Pro Tip: How to Use Dog Mode with Under 20% Charge

Tesla Pro Tip: How to Use Dog Mode with Under 20% Charge

Tesla owners with dogs may already know that they can’t use Dog Mode when their vehicles are under 20 percent charge levels. However, another tip from EVSpeedy.com lets drivers activate Dog Mode when their cars are below 20 percent charged, with one simple trick that will still let you walk away and do what you need to do while keeping your pup comfortable.

Above: A dog in the backseat of a Tesla (Image: Casey Murphy / EVANNEX).

Dog Mode lets users keep their A/C on when walking away from the car, so dogs can safely stay in the vehicle, even when it’s hot outside. The mode also displays a message to passersby to let them know the A/C is on. While EVSpeedy’s tip for this week points out how users can work around their low-charged vehicles to activate Dog Mode, you may also have to write this message yourself when using the workaround.

Read this week’s Tesla Pro Tip from EVSpeedy.com below to learn how to use Dog Mode, even when your vehicle is under 20 percent charged.

Dog Mode Workaround

This is a workaround for Dog Mode not working with the state of charge under 20 percent. You can put the car in neutral in your safety menu and manually apply the parking brake. This will allow Dog Mode to activate, even if the state of charge is below 20 percent, ensuring that your pet remains comfortable and safe while you are away. Then you can go and do the things you need to do. Just remember to manually lock the car because it will not automatically do so. If you also want to let passersby know that your Dog is safe and in Dog Mode, you can do so by opening the drawing app and writing the message there.


You can find this and even more Tesla Pro Tips at EVSpeedy.com.