Tesla puts an exploded view Model Y on display at the Mall of America

Tesla puts an exploded view Model Y on display at the Mall of America

Tesla puts an exploded Model Y on display at the Mall of America

Tesla has started playing smart when it comes to marketing. Just recently, the automaker has been seen using Google and YouTube Ads to promote its vehicles.

Other than digital marketing, Tesla has also been promoting its Model Y midsize electric SUV on the US roads towed by a Cybertruck.

Tesla played another smart move to make the masses aware of its vehicles. The electric automaker has put a Model Y EV on display inside the biggest shopping mall in the United States — Mall of America.

The Mall of America is located at 60 E Broadway, Bloomington, MN 55425, USA. Minnesota is not a popular US state when it comes to the presence of Tesla vehicles.

Interestingly, Tesla did not just put a Model Y on display. The company placed an exploded or expanded version of the Tesla Model Y in a central location inside the Mall of America.

The exploded view of the Tesla Model Y makes it easy for visitors to observe all of the vehicle’s components separately. The overall hanging look of the vehicle also looks stunning. Tesla chose the blue color for this exploded view Model Y — to me, this looks like a perfect choice for the purpose.


Above:The front of the expanded view of the Tesla Model Y on display at the Mall of America. Credit: u/tylerwarnecke via Reddit.

Becoming the point of attention at the Mall of America, this uniquely placed Tesla Model Y also gives visitors a chance to learn more about Tesla and electric vehicles. Mall of America gets more than 40 million visitors a year. This creates a great marketing and awareness opportunity for Tesla (TSLA).

There is still a large population even in the US that needs to be more educated about electric vehicles. Tesla Model Y’s expanded view provides visitors a chance to compare EVs to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles in the context of complexity and long-term maintenance cost.

Of course, electric cars are easier and less costly to maintain. They may cost a bit more initially but the ease of ownership offsets it in the long run.


Featured image: u/tylerwarnecke via Reddit.

Note: This article was published earlier at Tesla Oracle. Author: Iqtidar Ali.