Tesla’s FSD Drive Modes Get a Revamp: Assertive Mode to Become Hurry Mode

Tesla’s FSD Drive Modes Get a Revamp: Assertive Mode to Become Hurry Mode

In a recent announcement on X, Elon Musk revealed that the Full Self-Driving (FSD) drive modes would undergo a minor rebranding – the Assertive mode will soon be known as Hurry mode.

Existing Modes

Back in 2021, Tesla rolled out different FSD driving modes, allowing drivers to select a driving style that best suited their preferences. Prior to the introduction of these driving profiles, Tesla allowed drivers to choose the distance they wanted to maintain from the vehicle ahead of them. At present, FSD-equipped drivers have three mode options at their disposal in the Autopilot settings screen – Chill, Standard, and Assertive. These options determine the vehicle’s following distance in traffic and its level of assertiveness in navigating through traffic. As it stands, the primary difference between these modes lies in the amount of space FSD is programmed to leave between vehicles.

The New Mode

The revised mode naming scheme will feature Chill, Standard, and Hurry. It’s unclear what distinguishes Hurry from the previous Assertive mode, or if there will be any difference at all. This could be Tesla’s attempt to sidestep potential issues with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), or it could signal planned changes for the new Hurry mode. Hurry mode might aim to adhere more closely to the speed limit and change lanes more frequently to expedite arrival at the destination. Meanwhile, Standard mode is expected to offer a driving experience similar to the current one, and Chill mode will likely continue to provide a more relaxed drive.

Release Date

Given the unexpected announcement of Hurry mode and the renaming, it’s uncertain when these changes will be implemented in vehicles. FSD V12.4 was initially scheduled for release in mid to late May, but it seems to have been postponed, possibly due to issues with the Spring Update. If there are changes in the pipeline, we can likely anticipate the renaming and any unique features of Hurry mode – if there are any – to debut with FSD V12.5 at some point in the future.


Source: NotATeslaApp