Tesla refines system to prevent fossil-fuel cars from ICEing Superchargers

If there’s one thing a Tesla driver hates, it’s pulling up to a Supercharger stall only to find that it’s been ICEd out by a gas-burning vehicle (which always seems to be a giant truck or SUV with bellicose bumper stickers). 

Above: A look at Tesla Superchargers in China (Twitter: @42HOW)

In 2019, Tesla began testing anti-ICEing devices that pop up from the ground to block unauthorized parking at some Supercharging stations in China. The system didn’t sound very convenient, however—drivers had to use a QR code and a third-party app to operate the floor-mounted locking devices.

Twitter: @42HOW

Now Tesla is expanding and upgrading the system. Chinese Tesla drivers can now unlock the devices directly from the Tesla app, and it appears that the gadgets are being installed at all new Superchargers in China. Electrek reports that the de-ICEers have appeared at new Supercharger sites in Xiamen, Tianjin and Urumqi.

Above: Tesla Supercharger station in China (Twitter: Tesla Greater China)

There’s no word of any plans to expand the system to other markets. In the unlikely event that someone at Tesla is reading this: Please bring these ingenious devices to Florida!


This article originally appeared in Charged. Author: Charles Morris. Source: Electrek