Tesla Storage Space Ideas for Model 3, S, X & Y

Tesla Storage Space Ideas for Model 3, S, X & Y

Tesla’s interior design philosophy, extended across Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y is “minimalist.” In fact, in the early days of Model S, the interior was so minimalist, there was no center console and few storage options for drivers and passengers. Tesla owners were saddled with the same frustration: “Where do I put my stuff?” Tesla has done a lot to address that issue over the years, but it remains a common grievance for many owners. 

Are you one of those Tesla owners who struggle with a lack of storage space for your “stuff”? At EVANNEX, we’ve come up with multiple solutions for you. Whether it’s the driver and passenger area, the trunk or the frunk, EVANNEX has developed a wide variety of storage options that can help you organize your stuff, allowing you to find and access it easily.

Let’s start in the front row center console. The most common place to store items is in the center console, but if you own an older Model S (pre-2015), there is no center console. Our Center Console Insert (the CCI remains a popular add-on for owners who have purchased older Model S vehicles and want to upgrade to a center console) gives your Model S the look of more recent versions and provides useful storage as well. We’ve also developed a custom Rear Center Console Insert (RCCI) for the second-row seat of both Model S and Model X. It contains a storage option for rear-seat passengers.

If you own a Model 3 or Model Y, the Dual Deck Center Console Insert, our Sliding Storage Tray, and the Armrest Storage Organizer are essential storage accessories. Our Hidden Storage Compartment provides stealth storage within the center console for things you want out of sight. These products enhance existing center console storage allowing you to better organize your stuff while also making it easier to find and access. 

Staying in the front row but moving over to Tesla’s notoriously shallow glove box, our Glove Box Bumper fits all Tesla models and eliminates a major irritant—papers or envelopes falling onto your floor when the glove box opens. For Model 3 and Model Y, we go even further and offer a Glove Box Organizer that gives owners four distinct storage compartments within the glove box. And finally, for stuff you no longer need, there’s the Cyber Trash Mini Trash Bin, so your interior looks neat and clean.

Moving back to the trunk (Model 3) or rear storage area (Model S, Model X, and Model Y), the EVANNEX Truck Organizer has been designed to compartmentalize the storage well in all Tesla models. Our Trunk Cargo Net is available for all Tesla models and allows you a convenient mechanism for organizing the storage area and holding shopping bags or small sports equipment so they stay put as you drive.

Finally, moving forward to the frunk, our extremely popular Frunk Cooler for Model X, Model 3 and Model Y provides insulated and water-tight storage that will keep refrigerated items cool—perfect for picnicking, camping or tailgating.

We all spend more time in our vehicles than we realize and it’s important to outfit them in a way the fits our lifestyle and needs. At EVANNEX our job has always been to design Tesla accessories that make an almost-perfect car perfect for you. The 11 products we’ve described in this post enhance your ability to “store your stuff.”