Tesla Updates Model 3+ Delivery Timeframes for European Customers

Tesla Updates Model 3+ Delivery Timeframes for European Customers

Tesla is gearing up for the imminent arrival of the new Model 3+, also known as the Model 3 Highland, in Europe. Following its recent launch, the electric vehicle manufacturer has provided a more precise delivery schedule for customers eager to get behind the wheel of this updated sedan.



Previously, Tesla had estimated delivery times ranging from October to November for the base trim and November to December for the Dual Motor configuration of the Model 3+. However, these timeframes have now been further refined, with deliveries expected within a range of two to six weeks. In fact, there's a possibility that some lucky customers may receive their Model 3+ before October draws to a close.

The production of the Model 3+ at Gigafactory Shanghai in China has been running smoothly, with minimal hiccups in ramping up production for this redesigned version of the sedan. Logistics trackers have been diligently monitoring these units as they make their way to Europe, with some already arriving in various countries. Notably, the first Model 3+ was recently registered in Norway, signaling the imminent availability of this updated electric sedan to European customers.

Tesla has introduced several enhancements to the Model 3+, including a redesigned front end and interior improvements aimed at offering an updated and more premium driving experience. While initially launched in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, Tesla plans to expand availability to the U.S. and North American markets in the near future, pending ongoing public road testing in the States.


Source: Teslarati