Tesla Cybertruck's Special Sentry Mode Graphic: Meet the Cyber Owl

Tesla Cybertruck's Special Sentry Mode Graphic: Meet the Cyber Owl

During a recent sighting of the Tesla Cybertruck, something unique caught the attention of onlookers—a special Sentry Mode graphic that adds character to the electric pickup truck.

Sentry Mode, first introduced in February 2019 in response to security concerns, uses the vehicle's cameras to keep a watchful eye on its surroundings and notify owners if any suspicious activity is detected. It also records footage in case of a break-in, which can be useful for authorities.

Over the years, Sentry Mode has proven to be a helpful tool for Tesla owners, assisting in resolving various incidents, from vandalism to hit-and-run cases. When Tesla initially introduced Sentry Mode, it had a fun twist. Activating it displayed a graphic resembling HAL 9000 from "2001: A Space Odyssey." Later on, this was replaced by an image reminiscent of the central lights on the turrets from the game "Portal."

However, in a recent sighting of the Cybertruck shared on social media, a unique Sentry Mode graphic was revealed. Instead of the standard Portal-style design, the all-electric pickup features Tesla's very own "Cyber Owl" character. This owl has sharp, angular features, somewhat inspired by the Cybertruck itself. When Sentry Mode is active, the Cyber Owl's eyes appear to glow red, as shown in the shared image.

This attention to detail and the inclusion of distinctive features in the Cybertruck, like a custom user interface, show that Tesla is committed to making its most ambitious vehicle truly stand out. As Tesla continues to refine the Cybertruck's unique features and appearance, it's clear that the company is aiming to make this electric pickup a standout in its lineup.


Source: Teslarati