Tesla Voice Commands - How to + Tips and Tricks

Tesla Voice Commands - How to + Tips and Tricks

Did you know that you can control your Tesla using just your voice? Using Tesla voice commands is quick and easy, plus it offers a safer alternative to tapping the touchscreen to change the climate, navigate, text and call, and use other Tesla features. Here is a Tesla voice commands list includes every command we could find, including some fun Tesla Easter eggs!

  1. On a Tesla Model S or X, you can do this by tapping the voice button located on the top right side of the steering wheel. Voice Commands Voice Commands
  2. On a Tesla Model 3 or Y, you can press the right-side scroll button on your steering wheel or tap the microphone button on the touchscreen. 
    Voice Commands

  3. Once you’ve done this, you can speak a Tesla voice command! You will see the written confirmation of your commands at the bottom left of your touchscreen or your gauge cluster (Model S/X only).

Climate Control Commands:

  • "My butt is cold" will turn on the driver's heated seat. Repeating it will turn it up one level.
  • "My butt is hot" will either turn the driver’s heated seat down a level or turn it off. If the seat is turned up to maximum heat, you will have to say this three times to turn the heating off completely.
  • "My passenger’s butt is cold" will turn the passenger heated seats on or up.
  • "My passenger’s butt is hot" will turn the passenger heated seats down or off.
  • "Set the driver's seat warmer to (number 1-3)" will set the seat warmer to the level requested.
  • "Set the temperature to (number)" will adjust the climate in the car; you can also say, "Set the AC to (number)."
  • "Set the fan to (number)" will turn on/adjust the fan.
  • "Turn on the air conditioning" will turn on the AC. You can say "Turn on the AC" as well.
  • "Turn on Dog Mode" will turn on Dog Mode.
  • "Turn on Camp Mode" will turn on Camp Mode.
  • "Make it warmer" will turn the temperature up.
  • "Make it colder" will turn the temperature down.
  • "Increase fan speed" will make the fan blow harder.
  • "Decrease fan speed" will make the fan blow less.
  • "I’m cold" will turn the temperature up.
  • "I’m hot" will turn the temperature down.
  • "Turn on recirculate" will make the fan blow out air that’s already in the car, which can save on battery life and be safer if there’s smog or air pollution outside.
  • "Turn on biodefense" will turn on a special mode that protects you from any pollution or smoke outside the car from coming inside. This is only available in some models (2016+ Model X and S and 2020+ Model Y)
  • "My hands are cold" will turn on the heating inside your steering wheel if your Tesla has this feature.
  • "Turn on steering wheel heater" will turn on the heating inside your steering wheel if your Tesla has this feature.
  • "My feet are cold" will turn on the climate control to warm your feet.
  • "My feet are hot" will turn on the climate control to cool your feet.
  • "Turn on the rear defroster" will heat up the rear windows to defrost them.

Supercharging and Navigation commands:

  • "Navigate to (address or name of location)" will plug the location into Tesla maps and start navigating there. If you save a location with a custom name like home, work, school, or even "favorite restaurant" and "secret beach spot," then you can use that for even easier navigation.
  • "Go to (name of place)" will also navigate to the specified location.
  • "Take me to (name of place)" works too.
  • "Mute voice guidance" will keep navigation on, but it will be silent.
  • "Stop Navigation" will end the navigation.
  • "Zoom in" will zoom into Tesla maps.
  • "Zoom out" will zoom out of Tesla maps.
  • "Display Superchargers (or Destination chargers)" will show you nearby chargers.
  • "Turn on satellite mode" will turn on satellite mode as long as you have Tesla Premium Connectivity.
  • "Turn on traffic mode" will turn on traffic mode as long as you have Tesla Premium Connectivity.

TeslaCam and Safety Commands:

  • "Lock doors" will lock your Tesla doors.
  • "Unlock doors" will unlock the doors.
  • "Save" will save the most recent 10 minutes of dashcam footage. Honking your horn or tapping the dashcam icon can also do this if you have these options toggled, but using the voice command is a lot more discreet and safe.
  • "Keep Summer (almost any word/name can be used) safe" will turn on Sentry Mode."Enable Sentry Mode" also works, or "activate" or other synonyms.
  • "Call 911" will call the emergency services using your phone, as long as your phone is connected to the Tesla via Bluetooth.

Phone and Texting Commands:

  • "Call (name of contact)" to call them.
  • "Text (name)" to text them. You can also say "send a message" and then just speak the message you want to send. Don't forget to use punctuation and emojis!
  • "Respond to text" can be used after a text comes in and you had the Tesla read it.

Audio and Media Commands:

  • "Open (app name)" will open the app of your choice, like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.
  • "Play (name of song, artist, or album)" will play the song.
  • "Search for (anything you wish to search on the web)" will search for that text in the browser using Google.
  • "Volume up" will turn the volume up, with alternative phrases like "louder volume" or "turn up the volume" working as well.
  • "Volume down" will turn down the volume, as will various alternative phrases.
  • "Set volume to (number)" will adjust the volume.
  • "Mute media" will turn the volume all the way down. "Mute music," or the name of an app, can be used too.
  • “Unmute media” will then revert to the previous volume.

Physical Vehicle Commands:

  • "Open bunghole" sounds dirty, but it opens the Tesla charging port or the trunk (certain models equipped with a power trunk.)
  • "Open charge port" will open the charge port.
  • "Open trunk" will open the trunk.
  • "Close trunk" will close the trunk if you have a compatible Tesla
  • "Open frunk" will open the front trunk, coined the "frunk" by Tesla users.
  • "Turn on windshield wipers" will turn on the windshield wipers, but if you have them set to Automatic, they might not start wiping unless the Tesla detects rain. If you switch them to the manual, you can turn them on and off and control the speed by saying "increase/decrease windshield wipers speed," "turn up/down," "raise/lower speed," "min/max" or other synonyms.
  • "Set wipers to (speed number)" will also turn them to the requested speed.
  • "Adjust steering wheel" will open the settings on your Tesla display that will let you adjust your steering wheel, but only while you are parked.
  • "Fold mirrors" will fold the mirrors in, but only while you are parked.
  • "Unfold mirrors" will unfold them only while parked.
  • "Turn on lights" will turn on all the inside lights in your Tesla. 
  • "Turn off lights" will turn all the inside lights off.
  • "Open sunroof" will open the sunroof if your Tesla has one.
  • "Open glove box" will open the glove box. If you have a pin code set up, it will pull up the number pad on your touchscreen display, and once you tap in the code, the glove box will open.

What are your go to commands that you use on a daily basis?