Tesla's Q3 Earnings Call: Insights into the Cybertruck and the Future

Tesla's Q3 Earnings Call: Insights into the Cybertruck and the Future

During Tesla's Q3 2023 earnings call, much attention was directed towards the progress of the Cybertruck, with investors and analysts posing inquiries primarily related to its production status.



Elon Musk sought to manage expectations regarding the Cybertruck, emphasizing that "it will take a year to 18 months before it is a significant, positive cash flow contributor." The intricacies associated with the Cybertruck's unique design were cited as the reason behind its gradual production ramp-up.

However, Musk expressed optimism about Tesla's next-generation platform, set to underpin the $25,000 entry-level EV and the robotaxi. He indicated that this platform's construction would be considerably more straightforward compared to the Cybertruck due to its conventional nature.

Musk briefly discussed the design of the next-generation vehicle, describing it as "cool" and "beautiful," yet "utilitarian." He emphasized its practicality in providing efficient transportation.

Regarding the timing of the next-generation vehicle, Musk remained tight-lipped, stating that Tesla wouldn't provide further information at this time.

Tesla reiterated its intention to produce the next-gen vehicle at the Giga Mexico plant, focusing on infrastructure development and factory design in tandem with engineering work.

Musk expressed caution about the new factory, citing concerns about the prevailing high-interest rate environment, which could impact car financing and, consequently, sales.



Source: InsideEVs