Tesla's Festive Transformation: Model 3 LED Display and Santa Mode – A Must-Watch This Holiday Season!

Tesla's Festive Transformation: Model 3 LED Display and Santa Mode – A Must-Watch This Holiday Season!

During this holiday season, there's an exciting sight to behold: a Tesla Model 3, brilliantly adorned with LEDs, accompanied by a Santa ready for festive photo opportunities.

This Tesla's Model 3 has been transformed into a dazzling display of LED lights, making it look like Santa has traded in his traditional sleigh for something a bit more modern and electrifying. The Model 3, covered from bumper to bumper in bright, colorful LEDs, parades the streets, offering a visual treat to all. This is not just a car; it's a moving light show that captures the essence of the festive season.

Watch the spectacle unfold in these videos and see how Tesla is redefining holiday cheer:





Tesla Santa Mode - A Quick Guide to Holiday Fun

Here is a reminder of a Tesla holiday-themed feature, Tesla's Santa Mode turns your car's infotainment system into a digital wonderland. With this mode activated, your Tesla's navigation display transforms into Santa's sleigh, complete with reindeer and all. The exterior world turns into a winter wonderland, and even your turn signals chime in with the sounds of jingle bells. The roads on the display become snow-covered, and it even begins to snow, adding to the festive ambiance. Moreover, other cars on the display are replaced with reindeer, showing Tesla's attention to detail in creating this unique holiday experience.

Santa Mode also brings an auditory change to the driving experience. Instead of the usual turn signal click, the sound is replaced with sleigh bells, adding a dash of Christmas spirit to every turn. Look closely at the reindeer on your screen, and you'll notice their collars light up and flash red in sync with your turn signals, a subtle but charming addition. Tesla's commitment to these fine details is evident, making Santa Mode a delightful feature for both drivers and passengers. For a quick guide on how to activate and enjoy this whimsical feature, check out this video: 



Activating Santa Mode in your Tesla is simple and can be done in a few different ways. The most straightforward method is through the Toy Box, accessible via the All Apps menu. Here, you can find Santa Mode and enjoy "Run Rudolph Run" as the accompanying song. Alternatively, voice commands like "Ho, ho, ho" or "Ho, ho, ho, not funny" also activate Santa Mode, each with a different song for variety. Despite the inability to adjust the volume or a current bug affecting voice command deactivation, you can easily turn off Santa Mode through the Toy Box. Additionally, if your Tesla is equipped with a Pedestrian Warning System (PWS), you can even play the festive music outside your car, bringing holiday cheer to those around you. Regardless of the Tesla model you own, Santa Mode is available, offering a universal festive feature to all Tesla drivers.

So, this holiday season, whether you're a Tesla owner or just an admirer, take a moment to enjoy these festive features. Watch the videos, share the cheer, and maybe even take a drive in Santa Mode to fully immerse yourself in the holiday spirit, Tesla-style.



Source: EVehiclepro