Tesla's Model S and Model 3 — new side-by-side video

We decided to create a video comparison for Model S and Model 3 right now, but how? Sure there are some spy shots and an increasing number of photos, but there have been very few side-by-side videos of the two vehicles together. 

Fortunately, Roger Pressman, here at EVANNEX, owns one of the first Model S vehicles produced by Tesla—a Signature Model S, VIN#184. He purchased the car in 2012 and has used it as a rolling laboratory for our products ever since. Nevertheless, we’re located in Florida, 2500 miles from Freemont and 1000 miles from Ohio, where Model 3s are being safety tested.

Given that, the problem with a video comparison is obvious. The final reveal happens on June 28th, and to our knowledge, there are no beta Model 3s in Florida. 


Luckily, we recently announced our new special AR (augmented reality) app. We created a car size “target,” and the rest is shown in our video. The Model 3 you see isn’t real, but it sure does demonstrate just how cool augmented reality can be.

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