Infographic: Ford Mustang Mach E vs Tesla Model Y

Ford is looking to take on Tesla. After the Silicon Valley automaker made their successful mass-market debut with its Model 3, Ford sat up and took notice of an emerging new market segment, electric vehicles. Tesla’s next vehicle, the Model Y, is being delivered to customers in March. And in response, Ford is working to position its own Model Y competitor, the Mustang Mach E. 

Above: Ford pits the Mustang Mach-E directly against Tesla (Source: Ford / Tesla)

Risking the iconic Mustang name and heritage, Ford is introducing the Mustang Mach E as an electric crossover in an effort to dethrone Tesla. Ford's offering is in the same vehicle class and has somewhat similar specs, design language, and even a Tesla-like buying process. The Detroit automaker clearly took a few notes from Tesla.

Autolist took the Mach-E vs Model Y theme and conducted a reader survey to see which EV was preferred. The results were surprising. Those surveyed were almost evenly split between the two vehicles, with 51% actually preferring the Ford.

Those who chose Ford appeared to have more trust in the brand, its network of dealerships, and vehicle reliability. Those in favor of the Mach-E also simply liked the design aesthetic.

Above: Tesla's Model Y and Ford's Mach E (Image: Motor 1)

On the other side, Tesla fans eschewed the Ford brand, dealerships, and reliability. Listing the Model Y’s attributes, they displayed trust in Tesla's mission and the EV makers' exceptional performance. Tesla’s proprietary Supercharging network was also listed as a major plus.

It should prove interesting to see these two vehicles go head-to-head after launch. Ford's former CEO, Mark Fields, acknowledged that Tesla has built an "iconic brand" for itself. That said, Ford has decades of brand loyalty with its Mustang nameplate. The Ford vs Tesla showdown will definitely be one to watch.

In any event, to get a better look at how these two EVs actually stack up, check out the infographic below...



An earlier version of this article (and infographic) appeared on EVBite. EVBite is an electric vehicle specific news site dedicated to keeping consumers up-to-date on any developments in the ever-expanding EV landscape.