What if there was an electric bike inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck? [Video]

Cyber is in, folks. Even though Tesla's Cybertruck unveil was considered controversial at the beginning, some grew to believe the idea was genius. And as time passed by, the design seems to have grown on more and more people. Last we heard, the Tesla Cybertruck has over half a million preorders.

Source: CaseyNeistat

Since the wait to grab one of these is still a ways off, people have grown impatient. Making a homemade Cybertruck is this year's hottest internet trend, and we love it. Yes, even EVANNEX did it's own 1:3 scale model of Cybertruck which debuted at this year's EVs and Tea event. Well... now, the trend has actually expanded out to other vehicles too.

Social media star, Casey Neistat, took this trend head-on with a recent project. However, he decided to add a plot twist for his 12 million YouTube subscribers. Using a SUPER73 electric bike, Casey and the folks at SUPER73 created a shell to make it resemble a Tesla Cybertruck. The "Cyberbike" is a first-of-its-kind and it really showcases Tesla’s ever-growing influence on pop culture — this video (see below) currently has over two million views.

Source: CaseyNeistat

Casey's Cyberbike even features a bed just long enough to hold a 6-pack of beer! Okay, so it doesn’t drive so well as its handlebars kinda poke out of its windows. And rather than Tesla's space-grade stainless steel exoskeleton, Casey and his team opted for plain ol' aluminum. The headlights and brake lights don't really work either. Oh... and it can’t charge at a Tesla Supercharger — even though it is (indeed) electric.

The actual bike underneath the shell is the upcoming SUPER73-RX, a street-legal electric bicycle. With its 960 watt-hour battery, this bike can go for approximately 40 miles with a 20 mph top speed. There’s no word on how the added weight of the Cyberbike shell would affect these specs.

Source: CaseyNeistat

It should be noted, however, that SUPER73 has no intention of releasing this "Cyberbike" design for any of their forthcoming electric bikes. It would be pretty cool though if they did — just sayin'. 


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