What will the next decade look like for Tesla? [Infographic]

After reading the "Master Plan, Part Deux" from Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA] mastermind Elon Musk, it's clear there are some big plans ahead for the next decade. Musk's bold predictions have sparked an enormous level of curiosity within the Tesla community. In order to help visualize what's ahead for Tesla, scroll down and take a look at our infographic. But, before that, let's check in with some recent buzz surrounding Musk's much-anticipated Master Plan sequel.

Charged proclaims, "Is it madness, or genius? Will it save civilization, or summon the Terminators? Either way, Tesla is determined to make the next ten years mighty interesting." Teslamondo writes, "You’ve got a brain ache right now? That’s a good sign. It means Tesla is still Tesla. Like a good college professor, Musk knows how to stoke the imagination." CleanTechnica concludes, "No doubt, what Tesla achieved in the past 10 years is stunning, but Elon’s Part Deux takes everything to another level." Agreed. But... what does all this mean?

Cooler heads prevail over at Motley Fool who advise, "Tesla's vision for the future will undoubtedly shape its actions today. With a better idea of where Tesla wants to go, investors can begin to attempt to process the implications this will have on the business. But the very forward-looking nature of this vision makes understanding exactly how these plans will affect the stock over the long haul an extremely difficult task. Investors should think of Tesla's master plan as less of an event and more of a blueprint to keep an eye on as the company continues to grow."

Perhaps Slate says it best: "For years Tesla followers have argued over just what kind of company it really is. Is it a car company? A tech company? An energy company? The answer, clearly, is all of the above. But on some level, Tesla’s business is less about the 'what' than the 'how.' Whatever Tesla produces, and whatever markets it enters, it will rethink the relevant products and processes from 'first principles,' in Musk’s words, in pursuit of radical advances that the incumbents had never dared to deem possible." Whatever the outcome, and however long it takes, we're excited to see Tesla's future unfold with the fascinating blueprint laid out for us this week.

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