The Tesla Motors $100 Bill Challenge

Guest Blog Post: Nathaniel Fisher is a North Carolina-based, creative tech fanatic who co-started As a self-proclaimed process improvement specialist, he enjoys finding solutions to complex issues. He currently follows Tesla, Apple, Hyperloop, and SpaceX and is on the look-out for other forward-thinking, high-tech companies and solutions. Follow Nathaniel on Twitter at: @Nate_Fisher_79

You may be familiar with stories of the one hundred dollar bill challenge in extreme muscle cars. Many years ago, someone told me a story about a real power house of a vehicle that sported enough torque to keep you pressed into your seat. The owner of this car would tape a large value bill on the dash then instruct his unsuspecting passenger that the money was theirs to keep if they could grab it from the dash before the car reached 60 mph. 

Recently the guys over at Drag Times recreated this money-grab game with a P90D Tesla, fitted with ludicrous mode. The target was his son and he wanted to see if the P90D could pass down the rumors of muscle like power-packed cars from the past. Watch the video below.

Source: DragTimes

You'll notice it's quite difficult for someone to succeed in the challenge and the winner or loser will always be in contention until Tesla does something about it.

I therefore propose the following to Tesla... a game mode for P90D ludicrous owners. This new mode will convert the 17" monitor into a game mode that displays the current speed in large white numbers on black background, making it easier for everyone to discern the current speed. When activated, the driver informs the passenger that once the screen turns green the passenger can reach for the money. If they have the money in hand before the car reaches 60 mph, or before the screen turns red, the money is theirs to keep. This game should only be played in a safe area with posted speed limits greater than 60 mph.  This new mode will provide a Tesla-sponsored "referee" for the game and help maintain fairness between the driver and passenger. 

If only there were a sensor to detect when the passenger pulls the bill from the dash. A sensor like this could also be programmed for other things. Perhaps it could be something that plugs into the dash via USB, thus allowing other various aftermarket Tesla port devises to be used. This would extend upgrade options after the car has been purchased, in turn creating a whole new revenue stream for Tesla.