Want to spread the gospel of Tesla? Sign up for a local 'National Drive Electric Week' event.

Posted on September 23, 2021 by Matt Pressman

National Drive Electric Week runs from September 25th - October 3rd this year and serves as a nationwide celebration to heighten awareness around electric cars. There are hundreds of events scheduled all across the US and Canada. If you own an electric car, go! It's a great way to meet other EV owners and have some fun.

Above: Teslas line up for an event (Source: EVANNEX; Photo by Casey Murphy)

One thing that's become abundantly clear over the years — these events are teeming with Teslas. After all, approximately 80% of all EV sales in the US (last year) were from Tesla. That said, it's a great chance to see other EV makes and models and get candid reviews of the cars.

Regardless, if you're a true Tesla evangelist, these events present an excellent opportunity to spread the holy gospel of Elon Musk! There are plenty of attendees considering a new electric car. Your input might prove helpful as they decide their next steps in the buying process.

I've been personally involved with National Drive Electric Week events dating back to 2015 when I was a Captain of the local Ft. Lauderdale event here in Florida. Looking back on it, the event was a blast, and it was fun reliving it (see video below). Those were the good ole days pre-pandemic... sigh. Nevertheless, that's not going to stop me from safely checking out an event (or two) this year.

Above: A look back at a pre-pandemic 'National Drive Electric Week' event I hosted way back in 2015 (YouTube: EVANNEX)

One year I actually drove across the state to Sarasota and got a chance to hang out with some friends at CleanTechnica. Plug in America, one of the hosts of National Drive Electric Week, also got involved with another event we hosted, EVs and Tea, along with the good folks at InsideEVs (a sponsor of NDEW this year) too. 

Typically these events tend to include ride-and-drives, driveway chats, and family-friendly festivals which give electric car owners a chance to showcase the benefits (and value) of EVs. Oftentimes, attendees will "pop the frunk" and show off unique charging accessories, cool parts, or their modified sound system

In any case, be sure to sign up to attend a local event — and spread the good word. Hallelujah y'all, it's time for the world to go electric! Even Jay Leno, recently, preached the obvious: "the electric car is here to stay. I predict a child born today will probably drive in a gasoline-powered car about as often as you would drive in a car with a stick shift now."


Source: National Drive Electric Week

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