Wheel Spacer & Wheel Bolt Kits for Volkswagen e-Golf

Wheel Spacer & Wheel Bolt Kits for Volkswagen e-Golf

Wheel spacers offset wheels to improve vehicle appearance and handling. These flat discs with center holes and wheel bolt holes fit between wheels and hubs to push the wheels outward.



Achieve the look you want with spacers manufactured from high strength steel matched with the perfect length ball seat wheel bolts to ensure your wheels are secured properly.

Wheel spacers come in thicknesses from 5-20mm, to widen track, improve cornering, and provide extra room for altered suspension and brake components. Extra length wheel bolts in the kit compensate for the shims to ensure proper bolt penetration, keeping your wheels bolted securely to the hubs.




Wheel spacers:  in widths of 3mm - 20mm. Two Spacers per set.

Black Ball Seat Wheel Bolts:  in lengths of 14x1.5x30mm to 14x1.5x47mm - Ten pcs

IMPORTANT:  Please note that these wheel spacers and wheel bolts are measured and designed to fit the genuine VW/Audi wheels. Using 8mm spacers on some vehicles will leave very little room to maintain being hubcentric. To make sure of proper fitment please measure the protruding hub and subtract the 8mm to see if you have adequate space to be hub centric. Always test fit spacers and bolts to make sure they fully seat before completing the install. Wheel bolts should have 7.5 full threaded turns into the wheels hub. Watch our video for more information.

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