Center Console Storage Shelf with QI Charger for Tesla Model S and Model X

Center Console Storage Shelf with QI Charger for Tesla Model S and Model X
Center Console Storage Shelf with QI Charger for Tesla Model S and Model X
Center Console Storage Shelf with QI Charger for Tesla Model S and Model X
Center Console Storage Shelf with QI Charger for Tesla Model S and Model X
Center Console Storage Shelf with QI Charger for Tesla Model S and Model X
Center Console Storage Shelf with QI Charger for Tesla Model S and Model X
Center Console Storage Shelf with QI Charger for Tesla Model S and Model X
Center Console Storage Shelf with QI Charger for Tesla Model S and Model X
Center Console Storage Shelf with QI Charger for Tesla Model S and Model X

• Compatible with Model S configurations from June 2016–2020 and Model X configurations from 2016-2020.
• Allows you to place small items within easy reach at all times.
• Integrated Qi wireless charging for your smartphone. Ships with a "power only" USB adapter.
• Usually ships the next business day. Available for international delivery.

Note: Not Compatible with Model S and Model X refresh 2021+



The OEM Tesla Model S and Model X center consoles provide an excellent closed storage facility for owners along with a wired charging capability for your smartphone. However, the center console main storage box is deep, and as a consequence, small, often-used items tend to get buried at the bottom, making them difficult to find when you need them. In addition, there is no wireless charging capability built in to the OEM center console. EVANNEX decided to solve both problems with one product, our Center Console Storage Shelf with Integrated Qi Smartphone Charging (CCSS). The CCSS allows you to place small items (pens, plastic ID cards, keys within easy reach at all times. At the same time, CCSS, provides integrated QI charging for your smartphone. Drop your Qi capable smartphone onto CCSS and it’s charging.

CCSS is a shallow, molded plastic tray that has been specifically designed to slide into place along the top edge of the Model S and Model X center console storage box. It can be lifted easily when you need to access larger items at the bottom of the storage box. CCSS allows normal operation of the storage door.

CCSS comes with an integrated wireless Qi charging capability. Drop your device* onto CCSS and it begins to charge. Remove it by simply picking it up. Your device is always visible and always charging, as long as it is placed on CCSS.

CCSS connects directly to the USB port that lies inside the center console. It allows one smartphone to be charged.

CCSS installs in less than two minutes with no tools, providing you with a high-tech, aesthetic accessory that is sure to enhance your driving experience.

NOTE:   CCSS with Qi charger comes with a new "power only" USB connector (data blocker), allowing it to work with Tesla's updated front USB protocol.


* Most new mobile devices (e.g., Samsung 10 or iPhone 10) have built-in Qi wireless charging capability. Older mobile devices can take advantage of Qi wireless charging with a wireless charging case that can be acquired separately at low cost.




CCSS with Qi charging




CCSS is fabricated from molded ABS plastic. It fits directly into the top of the OEM center console storage box using flanges that have been specifically designed to the dimensions of the box. CCSS is approximately 6”W x 8”L x 1.5 “D (150mm W x 200mm L x 25mm D). 

CCSS is divided into three areas: (1) a 2” W x 6”L (50mm W x 152mm L) narrow area for pens, pencils and other small objects; (2) a 3.25”W x 7.5”L (82mm W x 190mm L) larger dual purpose storage area that can be used for other larger objects, but is also the location of our integrated Qi charger , and (3) a coin holder area that can also be used for very small objects (e.g., small screws, paper clips). The integrated QI charger fits into the larger storage area and can accommodate all standard Qi capable phones and most plus models.

CCSS for Model S and Model X makes use of a high efficiency Qi charging that uses the power from the USB ports positioned inside the console and converts it into an inductive charging mechanism for all smartphones equipped for Qi charging and for other smartphones that use a special Qi charging case (sold elsewhere) to transfer the charge to the phone.

The specifications for the CCSS Qi charging are:

Input: DC 5V 2A or 9V 1.67A

Output: DC 5V 1A (Max. 5V 1.2A); DC 9V 1A (Max. 9V 1.1A)

Efficiency: 75-80%

Transmission distance: 0.5-8mm

Cabling/USB connector:  ~ 100 cm with USB connector modified to accommodate Tesla's new power only (data blocker) protocol for wireless charging

Once your battery is fully charged, Qi charging will terminate charging to protect your device.

The CCSS integrated charging platform is constructed from high-strength ABS plastic that is laser cut to the precise dimensions of the larger storage area.. The charging platform is 7.6-in (194mm) long (at its longest point) and 3.5-in (89mm) wide. It is approximately 3/16 in. thick.

Although the sizes of mobile devices keep changing (and growing) EVANNEX CCSS can accommodate all standard size smart phones from all manufacturers and the vast majority of plus-size smart phones (e.g., iPhone 7+, 8+, X as well as most larger Samsung models and the plus size models of other manufacturers. To be certain that your phone + case can be accommodated, their combined dimensions should not exceed 6.375 in. H x 3.25 in. W x 0.5 in. T (162 mm H x 82 mm W x 12.5 mm T).




Why do I need the EVANNEX Center Console Storage Shelf (CCSS) with Integrated Qi Charging?

Many Model S and Model X owners want easy access to small items that sometimes become buried in the deep center console storage box. CCSS is a shelf that allows you to store and access small items (e.g., pens, plastic ID cards, keys) within easy reach at all times. In addition, the Model S and Model X center consoles do not accommodate wireless Qi charging. CCSS provides you with that option.

Will CCSS impede my normal use of the center console storage box?

The storage box sliding door will open and close as usual. To reach larger items stored within the storage box, you will need to lift out the shelf (a trivially simple operation), get the item, and then replace the shelf. In addition, if you use the secondary cup holders provided inside the center console storage box, the CCSS must be removed.

In early 2019, Tesla modified its software so that it will only accommodate "power only" USB connectors for wireless charging. Will the connector on CCSS-Qi work with this new power only protocol?

Yes. The CCSS USB connector comes with a "power only" adapter (a data blocker) that accommodates Tesla's modification. Should the protocol change in the future, the adapter can be removed so that both power and data can be accommodated.

Is the CCSS difficult to install?

No. You simply slide the CCSS into place at the top of the storage box. Flanges on the sides and back hold it in place. If you select the wireless Qi charging option for your smartphone, you simply connect the USB cable for the charger (provided) to the USB port inside your center console and you’re ready to charge wirelessly.

How long does it take to install CCSS?

The CCSS is ready to install out of the box (no assembly is required). Installation should take no more than 2 or 3 minutes.

Are any tools required?


Is the CCSS compatible with the EVANNEX aftermarket Center Console Insert?


What are the advantages of wireless charging?

Consider the following scenario: You’re on the road and realize that your smart phone battery is very low. If you use the OEM plug-in charging shelf in your Model S or Model X, you’ll have to slide the phone into the charger at the rear of the console, align it properly with the mini connector, slide it downward to insert the charging connector—all while trying to keep your eyes on the road. With CCSS, you simply place your device on the charging platform and you’re charging it. That’s a good thing for those who are safety conscious and want to keep their eyes on the road.

Does CCSS interfere with the opening/closing of the door that covers the center console storage area.

Absolutely not! The door opens and closes normally.

Will the OEM beverage dividers interfere with placement of the CCSS and/or cause it to interfere with storage door closure?

No. OEM beverage dividers can be placed inside their normal slots in the center console without interfering with CCSS placement or the opening/closure of the center console sliding storage door.

Because the CCSS sits at the top of the center console storage space, It must be removed temporarily if beverage dividers are to be used to hold a beverage container. That will enable you to gain access to your drink. When you're finished with your drink, the beverage container is removed but the dividers can remain in place. The CCSS can then be put back into place.

Where does CCSS get its power?

From the USB ports that sit conveniently inside the Model S and Model X center consoles. CCSS wiring for USB passes conveniently through an existing opening in the inside the center console, so no special routing of cables is required.

What if I want to make use of my USB port for something else?

It's important to note that there are two (2) USB ports available and CCSS requires only one of them. However, if you'd like both to be free, you can acquire a USB Male to Dual USB Female Jack Y Spitter Charger Cable (available at Amazon), thereby allowing the USB port to remain free for other uses.

Can CCSS accommodate larger phones as well as more standard-sized models?

Although the sizes of mobile devices keep changing (and growing) the CCSS Qi Charging Platform can accommodate all stardard-size smart phones from all manufacturers and the vast majority of plus-size smart phones (e.g., iPhone 7+, 8+, X as well as most larger Samsung models and the models of other manufacturers. If your phone + case is 6.375 in. H x 3.25 in. W x 0.5 in. T (162 mm H x 82 mm W x 12.5 mm T), the CCSS Qi Charging Platform can accommodate it.

What are the specifications of the Qi charging electronics?

Go to our Specifications Tab for more details.

Isn't it true that Qi chargers charge a smartphone more slowly than plug-in charging?

That is true, but wireless (Qi) charging is far more convenient in driving situations. There are many factors that affect wireless charging speeds: (1) the type of smartphone you have; (2) the type of protective phone case you use; (3) the apps you use and the degree to which they use battery capacity, and (4) the signal strength of your cellular connection (the degree to which your phone must work to acquire and hold a signal). In addition, Qi chargers built to fit the geometry of the Center Console Storage Shelf must by their nature be relatively thin so that they will properly fit the space. Inherently, this reduces the overall strength of the inductive field for Qi charging when compared to, say, larger desktop Qi chargers.  

My smartphone doesn’t have wireless charging capability built-in. Can I still use CCSS in my Model S or Model X?

Yes, but you’ll have to buy a wireless charging case for your phone. Wireless charging cases are designed for specific phones, so you’ll have to select the right one for your phone. Amazon is a good source—search “wireless charging phone cases.” You plug your phone into a mini-charging plug that’s built into the case and you’re good to go. The case encapsulates the electronics required to couple with CCSS’ wireless charging platform.

Can I place other small items into the Qi charger when I’m not using it for charging?

Yes, but with qualifications. Be certain that the objects don’t scratch or otherwise damage the Qi charging surface. DO NOT place candy (it can melt), or liquids of any kind on the Qi charger.

What is the return policy for CCSS?

You may return CCSS for any reason for a period of 30 days from the date of delivery in North American; provided that the product must be returned undamaged and with no scratches, tears, nicks, dents or wear in its original packaging, with shipping and insurance paid by the purchaser. Product Registration must be completed prior to return.

How long does it take to receive my order?

The EVANNEX Center Console Console usually ships within 24 business hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.

Does CCSS ship internationally?

Yes, the CCSS does ship internationally. 




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