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Standard vs. Next Gen Seats

Above: The Model S 2012 - September 2014 came standard with "Standard" seats (see top image). However, starting in October 2014, some Model S owners opted for an extra cost option called “Next Generation Sport Seats" (sometimes called "Next Gen" or "New Gen" or “Sport” seats). These "Next Gen" seats (see lower image ) have noticeably larger side bolsters, rear bolsters, more contoured seat bottoms, thicker headrests, and different stitching patterns.

2017+ Premium Seats

Above: Starting in 2017, Model S vehicles started to have "Premium" seats that had a space (see image) between the headrest and the seat.


Please examine your seats to determine whether you have Standard or Next Gen or 2017+ Premium seats. If you're not sure which seats you have, feel free to contact us for guidance and/or Tesla Motors to confirm.


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