Aeroflow Dynamics V1 Front Splitter for Tesla Model 3

Aeroflow Dynamics V1 Front Splitter for Tesla Model 3
Aeroflow Dynamics V1 Front Splitter for Tesla Model 3
Aeroflow Dynamics V1 Front Splitter for Tesla Model 3

• Designed for 2018 - 2023 Tesla Model 3 

• Made from Aerospace Lightweight aluminum (no ABS plastic)

• Made in the USA

• Comes fully CNC'd and professionally powder coated gloss black

• Comes pre-drilled, fitment guaranteed

• Hardware is included; professional install highly recommended



What's the purpose of having a front splitter?

An automotive splitter is a modification typically found at the front of the car, containing a protruding flat surface acting as a firm extension of the front bumper. There are many different configurations as far as their aesthetic, and utilized material. The design and purpose is aimed at decreasing front end lift, which would equate to numerous performance benefits. When a car reaches higher speeds, it will accumulate air pressure build up at the front of the vehicle. All of this air will end up going both above the car, as well as below the car (under the front bumper). When excess amounts of this air builds up, the under-car air pressures builds up. This increased air pressure contributes to lift, which causes the front end of the vehicle to lift up. This results in decreased traction on the road & a compromised handling characteristic. The key to alleviate this, is creating positive downforce. The splitter forces the high pressure air upwards where it builds up around the bumper, and ultimately migrates this pressure over the car resulting in reduced lift. The splitter is typically supported by rods to ensure that the splitter stays parallel to the ground, rods will also assist with the outside forces and elements endangering the integrity of the splitter. 




At AeroFlow Dynamics, we offer best-in-class when it comes to parts for your car that will not only enhance the appearance — but also give you a tangible boost in performance.  Our products are the pinnacle of innovation, and continually break new ground for car enthusiasts who know that upgrading is just as much of an art as it is a science.

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All of our products are not only designed in the USA, but we only work with best-in-class manufacturers that are located here on US soil as well.  We’re incredibly selective with the products that we offer to customers like you. Anything you get from the team at AeroFlow Dynamics has been quality-checked down to the perfect professional powder coating on every single product. We make the parts that we use ourselves, and our team understands that quality needs to be a top priority. We take pride in ensuring only the most premium materials and craftsmanship in every single product we create.

Our products have a reputation for being included in some of the most well-known and elite builds in the industry, and we take great pride in that honor. Knowing that our parts are going to be a part of any enthusiast’s build is something that we don’t take lightly, and is one of the reasons we push ourselves every day. We hope to earn a spot in one of your builds soon. 

All of our parts use the cutting edge in computer numerical control (CNC) technology. We’re able to absolutely guarantee fitment 100%. While other companies use fiberglass and ABS plastic, we only use Aerospace Aluminum in all of our parts making them the absolute gold standard in durability. Additionally, we use a premium powder coat on all of our products to prevent any fading, chipping, or rusting over time.

All of our parts are CNC'D and created to have a 100% guaranteed fitment. Unlike ABS plastic, fiberglass etc., we use Aerospace Alum to create extremely durable parts to withstand daily use and abuse. On top of that, we also powder coat all of our products. Unlike just using paint which typically chips and fades over time, the premium powder coat protection will prevent any rusting and fading. Don't worry, we got your back. Our purpose is to provide our customers with the absolute best eye-catching products that not only promise to enhance performance, but are long-lasting as well. 

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