Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla Model S
Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla Model S
Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla Model S
Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla Model S
Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla Model S
Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla Model S
Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla Model S
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Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla Model S

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This unique pet cargo cover provides excellent protection for your Tesla Model S trunk. The cargo cover is perfect for shedding pets, transport of cleaning supplies or paints, hauling furniture or other loads that might cause a mess in your trunk. Made of a water resistant vinyl and nylon material, it keeps the trunk area dry and protects your interior carpeting. Simple installation makes it easy to set-up and breakdown in no time. Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla Model S is designed for easy Model S fitment with adjustable hook & loop fastener flaps.









Product Dimensions: 52 x 40 x 18 inches; 2 pounds. Note: The portion that covers the floor is 52” long and 40" wide. The side flaps go up 18” from the floor while the front flap goes up 14” on the seat back.


Material: Made from durable 600 denier nylon with vinyl backing for water resistance

Color: Gray




Installation Video


Installation Steps

Please read these instructions before you install Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla Model S.

Overview: Pet Cargo Cover is a simple and effective way to keep your Tesla Model S trunk clean while transporting any object(s) that might leave a mess.

Installation: The following instructions will enable you to install Cargo Cover without difficulty. The figure below complements the installation steps that follow.


Note: Driver side installation is shown above. Passenger side is identical.

Step 1: Fasten the rear portion of the cargo cover to the back of the rear seat by looping the driver side adjustable strap (adjust as required) to fit over the rear seat driver side head rest.

Step 2: Use the built-in hook and loop (“Velcro”) fastener to further fasten near the headrest.

Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 and 2 on the passenger side.

Step 4: On the driver side, use either 2 or 4 Velcro strips (provided with your order) to fasten the side portion of the cargo cover to: (1) the underside of the plastic support for the parcel shelf and/or (2) to the side plastic trim piece toward the rear of the trunk adjacent the rear light.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 for the passenger side.

You’re finished. The Cargo Cover is ready for use.

Note: Suction cups and button clips are provided with your order. However, these are not recommended for use when installing the cargo cover for the Model S.

Removal: Remove the head rest straps and then pull off the velcro connectors attached to the cover itself, leaving the adhesive Velcro strip(s) on the underside of the parcel shelf and/or the side trim piece so that you can reinstall the cargo cover easily.

Cleaning and Care

Due to the water-resistant nature of this fabric, it is best to spot clean it with soapy water. If it is a bigger problem than a sponge can handle, we suggest hosing it off. If you have an extra-large washer and the cover fits loosely inside, it can be machine washed and line-dried. Otherwise you can take it to a laundry facility and use an extra-large capacity machine. Please line-dry to maintain the integrity of the vinyl coating on the backside of the fabric – this is what keeps your car protected.




Does the Cargo Cover protect the entire trunk space?

Yes, it does. It covers the rear seat backs, the trunk floor, and the sides of the trunk.

Is the cargo cover easy to install?

Yes. Simply loop the cargo cover’s adjustable strips over the driver and passenger rear seat head rests, and use the the built-in hook and loop connectors. Then attach the sides of the cargo cover to the plastic trim pieces on the sides of the trunk using the hook and loop strips provided.

Can the cargo cover be used for the Model X as well as the Model S?

Yes it can. Installation remains the same with the exception of a slightly different (but no more difficult) approach to fastening the sides.

Will a small liquid spill be contained by the cargo cover?

Yes, the cargo cover material is water resistant and will contain a small spill. However, a major spill may still cause damage.

Is the cargo cover easy to clean?

Yes. The best approach for dust, dirt, fur or other particulate matter is to either vacuum it out or pull the cover out and shake it on the ground. Small liquid spills can be dried with a towel. Additional cleaning instructions are provided under the "Installation" tab.

What are the overall dimensions of the cargo cover?

The portion that covers the floor is 52” long and 40" wide. The side flaps go up 18” from the floor while the front flap goes up 14” on the seat back.

Can I remove the hook & loop side fasteners without leaving marks on the plastic trim?

The hook & loop backing should come off without leaving any marks. When removing the hook & loop tape, we recommend using a hair dryer to warm and loosen the adhesive backing. Then remove it slowly. If any residue does remain, we recommend removing it with acetone on a paper towel.

What is the shipping time frame of this product?

We target shipping 1-2 weeks of when the order is received.

Do you ship Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla Model S internationally?

Yes, the Pet Cargo Cover for Tesla Model S is available for international shipping via FedEx.




"The level of coverage this cargo cover provides is great for the Model S, as it protects the whole back of the rear seats, plus the cargo area – both the 'floor' and up the sides."


"Regardless of whether the dog is laying still, sitting up straight or resting her chin on the rear seat while looking forward, her stray hairs are kept neatly contained on the cover and not in our car. Once done with use, the cover can be shook outside to rid it of any hair, which easily slides off the surface." - Electric Jen (Review / Photo: Teslarati)



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