Dorman OE-Style Extended Wheel Stud Sets For Your Tesla

Dorman OE-Style Extended Wheel Stud Sets For Your Tesla

• Allows for 3-25mm+ wheel spacers
• Installs in place of factory wheel studs
• Extended length - 23mm longer than stock
• Sold in a set of 10 or 20

Note:  Not compatible with 2021+ Model S.



Extended wheel studs are a must-have to install conventional style wheel spacers in sizes greater than 5mm on any Tesla. Dorman's extended studs offer a great way to extend your studs by replacing factory-length with +23mm studs. 

Why wheel spacers?

By lowering wheel offset and pushing the wheels further onboard, wheel spacers provide additional clearance for performance brakes, suspension, and wheels and tires. They also serve to allow wheels to better fill the fender-well, and provide an aggressive look!

Additional notes: it's possible to use extended-length wheel studs without wheel spacers, giving you the flexibility to remove spacers (when switching to seasonal winter wheels, for instance) although this requires the use of open-ended lug nuts in order to apply proper torque to wheels. Always torque Tesla wheels to 129ft-lbs.

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