Dragy GPS Performance Meter for EV Owners

Dragy GPS Performance Meter for EV Owners
Dragy GPS Performance Meter for EV Owners
Dragy GPS Performance Meter for EV Owners
Dragy GPS Performance Meter for EV Owners
Dragy GPS Performance Meter for EV Owners

• Accurately track your 0-60, 1/4 mile, and more
• Performance enthusiast's standard in precision timing 
• Charts slope on timeslips so you have proof!
• Easily share results with friends, to social media, or to the Dragy leader board
• Super compact and stow-able at 1x3"
• Featuring built-in GPS, Bluetooth, and battery
• Connects to Android and iOS devices
• Usually ships next business day. Available for international delivery.



EVs are quick - it's part of their DNA - but how quick? Enter: Dragy, the perfect companion for a metric-minded car enthusiast. Accurately track the 0-60, 1/4 mile, and more on your daily driver or weekend racer, easily, affordabily, and reliably.

Featuring highly precise built-in GPS and pairing to your smartphone, Dragy adds a level of measurement and reportability otherwise unavailable anywhere near this pricepoint and forums and social media will reinforce that where old-school racers would only trust a drag strip timeslip as official word on a car's ability, Dragy has been adopted as the trustworthy timeslip of the 21st century.

Features of the Dragy device when used with the free official Dragy app:
• 0-60: including distance and road slope over time
• 60ft, 330ft, 1000ft, 1/8, 1/4 mile elapsed time with elevation and g-force over time
• Trap speeds for 1000ft, 1/4 and 1/8 mile
• Graphing of time, distance, elevation, and g-force
• Units availlable in US and imperial measurements
• Video overlays of performance metrics runs
• Lap times, including popular race circuits (with leaderboards)
• ...and more

Inquiring minds want to know, and odds are yours' is one of them:
How are your new sticky tires impacting performance?
• What's the performance impact at varying states of charge (SOC)?
• How are lighter (or heavier) wheels impacting acceleration?
• How does your car perform versus other like models?
• How does temperature and use of ancillaries impact performance?
• How much slower is your buddy's car?

Not permanently installed in any one vehicle, Dragy can be easily stored (it's tiny!) or moved from one car to another to analyze all your cars' performance, compare with your buddy's slow car, or test how healthy a prospective new purchase is.

A highly supported product, new features are rolled out regularly and advanced features are currently in development including virtual races with friends, an internal feed for photos and performance discussion, and more.

Dragy doesn't tattle on you to your insurance company and hey, we won't tell.


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