Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3

Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3
Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3
Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3
Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3
Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3
Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3
Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3
Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3
Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3
Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3
Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3

• Exclusive front lip spoiler for all Tesla Model 3 trims.
• Includes all related hardware to facilitate straightforward installation within thirty (30) minutes. No additional parts necessary.
• Specifically designed to accommodate all Model 3 Autopilot hardware and parking sensors.
• Comes pre-painted in five (5) select colors or unpainted.
• Made in the USA.
• Usually ships within 3 business days from California. Available for international delivery.

*Pearl White matches most cars, but may not match yours exactly. To ensure a flawless match, please buy unpainted and have it paint-matched locally from a certified body shop.



The Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3 is a custom product for all Model 3 trims—RWD, AWD, and Performance. Each Front Lip Spoiler package includes all related hardware to facilitate easy installation within thirty (30) minutes by two (2) people. No additional parts necessary. The Front Lip Spoiler is specifically designed to accommodate all Model 3 Autopilot and parking sensors.

This Model 3 Front Lip Spoiler really highlights the performance identity and premium quality of your Tesla.

The Front Lip Spoiler can come either painted or unpainted. If unpainted, then you will need to have it paint matched to your Tesla professionally upon receipt of product.







Which Model 3 trim does this product fit?

The Front Lip Spoiler is designed to accommodate all Model 3 trims.

Can I install this product myself?

Only highly experienced do-it-yourself installers should consider installing the Front Lip Spoiler themselves. The entire installation process should take no more than thirty (30) minutes with two (2) people. Professional installation is recommended. Comprehensive installation instructions are provided upon receipt of the product for use by your professional installer.

Does Autopilot work with the Front Lip Spoiler?

Yes, the Front Lip Spoiler was designed and tested to work seamlessly with the Autopilot hardware and parking sensors.

Is cooling affected with the Front Lip Spoiler?

No, the design accommodates all locations of OEM heat exchangers and ducting, and has been engineered to the bumper shape in order to allow for proper cooling as the factory intended.

My Model 3 is on lease, how easy is it to reverse back to original condition when I trade my car in?

The Front Lip Spoiler is designed to use all factory ducts, factory mesh, and factory attachment locations. As a result, there is no cutting, drilling, or modifying required of any original parts or to the car itself. The Model 3 can typically be reverted back to the original factory bumper configuration in less than twenty (20) minutes of labor with basic tools.

Does the Front Lip Spoiler come pre-painted?

Yes, the Front Lip Spoiler is available pre-painted in five (5) select colors or unpainted. For unpainted orders, a proper paint match to each car is strongly recommended for the best result.

How is the Front Lip Spoiler manufactured?

The Front Lip Spoiler is made in the USA by Unplugged Performance. It is custom-designed for the Tesla Model 3 from a proprietary urethane blend to be impact resistant and has the ability to retain its original shape.

What if my Model 3 has been ceramic coated?

If your Model 3 is ceramic coated, then you should either have the ceramic coating removed or abraded so the adhesive can stick where required for proper installation.

How long does it take to install?

The installation does not require any modification to the car and takes less than thirty (30) minutes for a professional body shop to complete.

What is the shipping time frame for this product?

We target delivery between 2-4 weeks for U.S. orders.

Do you ship this item internationally?

No, this product is not available for international customers.



Terms & Conditions

Product Warranty

The Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3 is covered by a two year unlimited mileage warranty against defect or failure under normal use when a professional installer is used. If any item is shown to be defective or fail within two years of proper installation they will be replaced at no charge. Damage incurred by impact, vandalism, improper installation or removal or modification, flood, or other untypical and abnormal use is not covered. No labor, shipping, currency losses, fees or inconvenience may be included in any claims. If you have any questions or wish to clarify or dispute any of these policies this must be done in writing in advance of any order.

Terms of Sale

Made-to-order products

The Front Lip Spoiler for Tesla Model 3 is sold as a made-to-order product. All made-to-order items must be paid in full prior to starting the order and are nonrefundable. This policy is designed because we take each client’s order reservation as a trusted commitment and we proceed with confidence in each client’s commitment. Most items are produced with high-quality materials which are purchased in real-time to begin each order. The production process going from raw materials to completed ready-to-install involves many stages. It is extremely disruptive to our system to begin an order and then have a commitment withdrawn; doing so disrupts not only the order at hand but it also sets back other valued client orders. As a result and to ensure streamlined processing, this nonrefundable policy exists. Items for which production has been begun or completed may not be canceled.

When placing an order, we rely on each customer to provide us with any and all data regarding the specifications of their car. We cannot be held financially liable for resolving any fitment related issues if wrong or incomplete data was provided by the client. Complete data would include: month & year of production, trim specification, color, any relevant options on the car. In all foreseeable times of potential miscommunication, we will contact our customers to verify details of their order.

International orders

The Front Lip Spoiler is NOT available for international customers.

Refunds & Exchanges

Any defective items or items significantly damaged or destroyed during shipment are eligible for exchange. All made-to-order items as described above are nonrefundable without special circumstantial written permission. Any refund which may be issued at our discretion would be subject to a minimum 35% restocking fee. No exchange or return will be allowed or accepted without a pre-confirmed Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number issued by EVANNEX in writing. In such case, the refund basis would be of the item only, not of shipping or related/unrelated other expenses. Abandoned items or rejected shipments are still the responsibility of the customer and restocking and storage fees will be billed as applicable. Any items requiring storage for more than six (6) months without prior written authorization will be considered abandoned and will be subject to forfeiture. Any items forfeited may not be returned, refunded, or exchanged in any manner.

Shipping issues or shipping damage

Products are carefully inspected for damage or imperfection before packaging. If your item arrives damaged in any way, take photos and notate the damage upon receipt of the item. If the box is damaged in any way, please note as such on the shipment documents and take photographs of the box before opening. If you are unable to officially notate the damage with the shipping carrier at the time of delivery, then you must reject the package. Once signed as undamaged, any freight damage claim is null and void and we can do nothing to help you. Additionally, please note items cannot be insured for more than the stated value. If you need to process a damage claim, action must be taken within 72 hours. After 72 hours, refunds, reorders, and claims cannot be processed. All shipped items are fully insured. We will not be held responsible for the outcome of the claim.


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