ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' for Tesla Model Y

ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' for Tesla Model Y
ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' for Tesla Model Y
ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' for Tesla Model Y

• Sold as a set of two (2).
• Specifically designed to provide better traction on icy or snowy roads.
• Easier to store and install than conventional metal chains.
• Lighter and much easier to carry and manipulate than metal chains.
• Sized to fit the tires you use on your Tesla.
• Made of a high-tech, high strength fabric that absorbs moisture, drains it and increases friction between tires and the road.
 Available for international delivery.

*Note*- Please see description tab for Model Y Performance snow 'chains'



Teslas provide good traction in most driving conditions, but for owners who live in northern climates where heavy snowfall is common, there are times when an additional assist is necessary. One solution is old-school snow chains, but they're heavy and difficult to install and remove. That why EVANNEX has chosen an alternative approach that gives you excellent traction (and safety) when your Tesla encounters snow-covered  roads.

ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' for Tesla Model Y are made using a specially designed braided fabric that helps increase traction on snowy or icy roads. This unique product slips over your vehicle's tires and increased friction between your Tesla and the road

Each order of ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' for Tesla Model Y provides you with two (2) 'chains.' Tesla Model Y uses ISSE Size 70 'chains' and will fit the following Tesla OEM tire sizes:

-- 255/45R19

-- 255/40R20

** For Model Y Performance** 

Front 255/35R21 - Order this set of two for your front wheels

Rear 275/35R21 - You must order a set for Model X due to sizing.

Click Here to go to the Model X ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' page.





ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains'  come as a set of two and are designed for frequent or intensive use on ice and snow surfaces. They are designed to accommodate asphalt surfaces as well.

Because they are manufactured using a special braided fabric, ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' are quick and easy to install, provide a smoother ride than metal chains, and are lighter and less bulky than conventional chains.

Like all snow chains, ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' should only be used for slow speed driving. The maximum recommended driving speed for ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' is 25 mph (40km/h).




Are these chains safe and approved?

ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' have been approved by the CA, CO and WA DOT, states that understand the need for safe driving in snow.

Where are ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' manufactured?

This product is manufactured in Europe.

Are ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' hard to install?

Actually, ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' are easy install in their own right and much easier to install than metal chains. The inner diameter of the chains is elasticized so you simply slip the chains over your tire and pull into place. Like any snow chain, you'll have to pull your car forward to complete the installation?

Can I drive at highway speeds with these chains?

No. Like all chains, ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' should not be used at speeds about 25 mph (40 km/h). Besides, driving above that speed on snow and ice isn't safe.

How long does it take to receive my ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' order?

ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' usually ship within 24 business hours of receipt of order.

Do ISSE Super Textile Snow 'Chains' ship to international destinations?

Yes, this product ships internationally.


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