Luxe Floor Mats for Tesla Model X (6 Seat)

Luxe Floor Mats for Tesla Model X (6 Seat)
Luxe Floor Mats for Tesla Model X (6 Seat)
Luxe Floor Mats for Tesla Model X (6 Seat)

• Custom designed for Tesla Model X owners who appreciate luxury.
• Premium grade carpet is the thickest, heaviest, deepest pile manufactured with yarn specially Scotchgard™ treated for stain and soil resistance.
• Available for every floor surface in the car.
• Only available in black.
• Made in the USA.
• Usually ships within 2–3 weeks from California. Not available for international delivery (except Canada).
• Nonreturnable except for clear manufacturing defects.
• Not Compatible with the 2021+ Refresh.



We've provided more detailed information on product options here. We recommend you read the 'Notes' section below to answer some common questions about these options.

Mat Items

Images below are to be used as a reference for selecting the appropriate mat items for your Model X. Each Luxe mat is custom cut to fit the corresponding floor area of the Model X. Images of these mat items in a Tesla Model X can be seen in the 'Gallery' tab for reference.

Passenger Cabin 6 Seat Configuration

2 pc Fronts 1 pc 2nd Row (6 Seat) 1 pc 3rd Row (6 Seat)

Front Trunk (Frunk)

Front Trunk [Frunk]

Rear Trunk Options

Small Cargo Mat Large Cargo Mat

*As seen in the schematic renderings above, the "Large Cargo Mat" covers the full/whole/entire trunk surface area and overlays onto the folded 3rd row seats (otherwise it does not fit) while the "Small Cargo Mat" is designed for daily use with your seats up. 


1. Mat Shapes - Luxe Mats are designed to cover as much of the exposed flat area of the vehicle floor as possible. Luxe Mats tend to be larger than factory floor mats and protect more floor area. Luxe Mats creates it own custom shape templates for the Model X.

2. Ordering Multiple Mat Items - Simply select the individual floor mat(s) item you'd like and select the "Add to Cart" button.  Next, you'll be able to view your shopping cart to confirm your selection.  Then, go back (you may hit the “back” button) to shopping on the same floor mat product page and select the other item(s) and "Add to Cart" - now you'll see the combination you desire waiting in your shopping cart.  Proceed and follow the prompts to place your order. Note: we recommend you select the "Complete Mat Set" option in the pull-down menu in order to enjoy the discount for bundling all mat items in your order.

3. Shipping to International Destinations NOT available (Except Canada) - Luxe Mats are not available for international orders at this time. However, we are shipping orders to Canada.





If you'd like a detailed breakdown of the differences between each of these Lloyd Mats product lines, click here on the 'Comparison Chart' to review.




Luxe Mats are the epitome of luxury and the most exquisite mats made. So soft you’ll want to drive barefoot, so durable they come with a lifetime warranty.

 Tesla Model S lloyd's luxe mats specifications

Carpet Construction

Premium continuous filament nylon yarn in a 48-ounce per yard face weight (far superior to the thickness of factory floor mats)

Yarn is twisted and heat set in a two-ply construction for crush resistance

Luxe carpet face has 3 pounds of 2-ply continuous filament nylon yarn in each square yard, triple the weight of most OEM mats

Two-step Scotchgard™ process includes one for stain resistance and one for soil resistance

Computer-driven cutting process insures a precise optimal fit

Multi-layer backing maintains mat shape and protects OEM carpet

Hand-beveling around edges for a beautiful finished look

Continuous matching cloth edge can’t unravel

Backing Construction

Non-skid rubber TractionBac™ high density synthetic rubber backing also provides moisture protection (image, below right)

Propropylene mesh gives the tufted yarn its texture

Waterproof backing protects original floor covering

Water-resistant layer to further help block moisture

Extra thick urethane core provides extra cushioning

Insulates against heat and road noise

Safety Features

Easy-to-install anchors included

Stays put for optimum safety and durability

Warranted for as long as the original mat buyer keeps the vehicle

Note: Luxe Mats should not be placed over other floor mats. Luxe Mats are designed as a stand-alone mat item. Luxe Mats  are designed with anchoring devices to keep them securely in place. These devices may not work properly if Luxe Mats are used over another floor mat.

The following warning is applicable only for California customers under CA Prop 65:


This product can expose you to a chemical (or chemicals) such as Styrene that is known to the State of California to cause cancer (or birth defects or other reproductive harm for cancer and birth techs and other reproductive harm). For more information go to




Mats Safety Anchors






I'd like to order a unique combination of the floor mat items not offered in the pull-down menu, what do I do?

Simply select the individual floor mat(s) item you'd like and select the "Add to Cart" button.  Next, you'll be able to view your shopping cart to confirm your selection.  Then, go back (you may hit the “back” button) to shopping on the same floor mat product page and select the other item(s) and "Add to Cart" - now you'll see the combination you desire waiting in your shopping cart.  Proceed and follow the prompts to place your order.

Are my Luxe Mats going to be the same shape as my original equipment floor mats?

No. Luxe Mats makes it’s own custom patterns for each specific vehicle. They are designed to cover as much of the exposed flat area of the vehicle floor as possible. In general, Luxe Mats tend to be larger than factory floor mats, to protect more floor area. It is possible that Luxe mat shape in some circumstances looks very similar to the OEM factory mats, but they are not taken from any Original Equipment Manufacturer’s pattern.

Can I place Luxe Mats over my factory mats?

No. All Luxe Mat products are designed as “stand alone” floor mats and must not be placed on top of any other mats. Floor mat anchoring devices, either installed by vehicle manufacturers or provided with Luxe mats, are designed to secure one layer of floor mat. Additional layers of mats may shift into a potentially unsafe position without anchoring. The correct fit of Luxe Mats also is dependent on being placed directly on the vehicle floor.

What if I want another unique color not offered here?

Luxe Mats are only available in black in order to correspond to the color of the floor of your Tesla.

I noticed that in some of the Mats videos (in the “Videos” tab) there are custom embroidery designs of logos and/or decorative stitched images, can I order my mats with this?

We do not offer decorative designs of your creation as the embroidery programming for such custom designs is prohibitively expensive when making just one set of such custom designed mats.  

Are Luxe Mats manufactured in the USA?

All of Luxe carpet mat materials for Luxe and Ultimats are manufactured in the U.S.A. Final manufacturing of these carpet mats is performed in Lloyd’s U.S. factory. Roll materials for Luxe Rubbertite Mats are imported, but final manufacturing of these mats is performed in Lloyd’s U.S. factory.

Do all Luxe's driver’s mats have a mat fastening system?

Yes. Each driver’s mat and some passenger mats will have a fastening system. Luxe Mats provides its own proprietary mat fastening system.

I see that you sell Luxe, Ultimats, and Rubbertite product lines from Lloyd Mats specifically designed for the Model X.  What is the difference between these lines?

Click below for a detailed comparison chart that breaks down the product differences.

Comparison Chart

Will Luxe Mats fit properly in right hand drive (RHD) versions of the Model X?

Luxe Mats have been designed for left-hand drive versions (U.S, the EU, and most other countries) of the Model X. It will NOT fit properly in the front seats of right-hand drive (RHD) versions of the car (i.e., versions available in England, Australia, Hong Kong, and other RHD countries). However, we will consider offering a right-hand drive version of the the front seat mats if there is sufficient demand. Please contact us if you'd like to go on a waiting list. Note: other mat items (that are not positioned in the front seats) will properly fit in RHD versions of the Model X.

Is there a Warranty and Return Policy on Lloyd Mats?

Lloyd Mats are warranted by Lloyd Design Corp. against defects in design, workmanship and materials. Normal wear and the requirement for periodic cleaning are not considered as mat defects. Defective mats will be repaired or replaced at the option of Lloyd Design Corp.The following lengths of warranty apply to Lloyd Mat products: Luxe: Lifetime warranty. For as long as the original mat buyer owns the vehicle. Ultimat and Rubbertite: Five years. The original dated invoice will be required for proof of purchase and Product Registration must be completed upon receipt.

Note: These mats are made to order and not returnable except for clear manufacturing errors. It is not a manufacturing error that the Lloyd Mat is slightly bigger than the OEM mats. Always test fit the mats before you file a complaint on a suspected misfit. In 99.9% of all cases you will find that the Lloyd Mat fits better than the original mat. It is important to note that driver mats have holes strategically placed for the Lloyd safety fasteners and we do not accept returns based on this design component. In addition, we do not accept returns based on dissatisfaction with color preference/choice. 

How long does it take to receive my Luxe Mats Order? 

Because all Luxe Mats are custom-made to order, you can expect delivery between 2 and 3 weeks (for U.S. and Canadian orders) from the day you place your order, depending on the number of orders in the production queue.

Do Luxe Mats orders ship to international destinations?

No, Luxe Mats are not available for international orders (except Canada) at this time. We may offer this in the future, if interested - please contact us to join the wait list.




Luxe Mats provides it’s easy to install proprietary mat fasteners. No other mat manufacturer offers mat safety fastening systems for all their mat products.

Tesla Model S Lloyd's luxe mats instructions Tesla Model S Lloyd's luxe mats instructions Tesla Model S Lloyd's luxe mats instructions

For detailed instructions with corresponding images, click below:



1. Put the mat in the vehicle. Place the mat fastener on the floor of the vehicle carpet with the rounded hook protruding through the mat grommet. The back of the mat fastener should point to the rear of the vehicle.

2. On the vehicle carpet mark the position of the mat fastener's screw point. Once the mat is in the exact position you'd like, mark the location of the screw point in the Model X floor carpeting. The remove the mats, being sure not lose the proper screw location. Remove the mat.

3. OPTIONAL*: You'll need a needle nose pliers and a sharp awl for this step. For each screw-in hook: Using the needle nose pliers, grasp the floor carpet pile and pull up the carpet gently in the area of the screw location. The intent is to put about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of space between the Model S floor carpet and the metal floor panel in the area where the hook will be inserted. Using the awl, punch a hole in the Model S floor carpet at the exact location where the screw-in hook should be. Continuing to hold the Model S floor carpet up using the needle nose pliers, screw in the hook using either your fingers or a flat head screw driver as instructed next.

4. Insert a large screwdriver into the fastener's slot. Press straight down on the fastener screw to puncture the vehicle's carpet. Screw the fastener clockwise into the vehicle's carpet. It takes approximately six complete round-the-clock cycles before the mat fastener is secure. 

5. Repeat on both sides of the mat. Place the mat in the vehicle with the mat grommets over the rounded hooks.

*Note: You should only employ step #3 if you're having some challenges getting the fasteners to "grab" into the Model X floor carpeting.  In most cases, this step will not be necessary. 

Cleaning Instructions

1. Vacuum often to keep abrasive dirt particles from damaging mats. 

2. Shampoo with carpet shampoo or dishwashing detergent and water. Use a soft brush. Only a small amount of clear water is required for rinsing. Let dry on a flat surface.

3. Vacuum to lift pile. 

4. Spot clean using a commercial carpet spot remover

Avoid: Soaking excessively; Use of any solvents; Washing in a washing machine; Drying in a dryer; Drying by hanging over a railing or clothes line.




As seen in Teslarati

LUXE Mats boast a 48 ounce per square yard pile that is so thick, heavy, and soft, they feel like sheepskin slippers. At least that’s what the wife claims. She loves the extra plushness of the LUXE mats. And the kids? Well, they’re just happy with their dirt-magnet feet though the older one seems to realize that these new mats are different and treats them with a little more care.


Above: Driver-side Luxe Mats

Luxe mats are more plush and have a richer color than their OEM counterparts. The mat has 1/2″ tall Premium 2-Ply Nylon compared to the 1/8” OEM mats. They also have hand-beveled edges to provide a more premium look.


Above: Hand-beveled edges and precision cut to accommodate movement back-and-forth of Model X seats

I decided to forego the option to purchase the “all-weather” floor mat and chose a much more plush and premium mat option. But all is not lost. The LUXE mats have an assortment of features making the mat comparable to rubber mats but without needing to sacrifice aesthetics. The LUXE mats utilize a Scotchguard process that protects from stains and soiling. The multi-layer backing also provides moisture protection so spills wouldn’t pass essentially making these mats waterproof.


Above: Third row Luxe Mats

LUXE mats are a great addition to the Model X especially if you plan on extending the premium feel throughout the vehicle. They’re easy to install and carry a warranty for as long as the buyer keeps the Model X. - Manny Vista, Teslarati


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