Pure Gold Alloy Dip Pearl - 11oz can for EV Owners

Pure Gold Alloy Dip Pearl - 11oz can for EV Owners

• Add the pearl effect to small areas quickly!
• Dip Pearl Aerosols must be sprayed over a base of Plasti Dip®.
• The color of your base will affect the final finish.
• Four wet coats are recommended; the more coats applied, the more opaque the effect.
• Three (3) cans are typically needed per set of 4 standard wheels (up to 21").



Give select areas of your Plastic-Dip® coated EV a pearl look with Pure Gold Alloy DipPearl - 11oz can for EV Owners. Perfect for custom wheels or other small accents. This product is a top-coat to be used over Plasti-Dip®.

Plasti-Dip® is the world's most popular,proven safe and "peelable" auto paint system. It allows you to perform a chrome delete on your trim, "black out" your hood or spoiler, and for those who are adventurous, change the color of an entire vehicle. Plasti-Dip® protects the factory finish of your EV and can be peeled-off to go back to the original color. Application of Plasti-Dip® results in a matte finish. Further information on Plasti-Dip® and a palette of colors can be found here.

The finish of Pure Gold Alloy DipPearl is satin by default, final coats of Dip Glossifier can be applied to increase gloss if desired.• Only available for purchase in the contiguous U.S.


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