Seat Covers for Tesla Model S (2014-2016)

Seat Covers for Tesla Model S (2014-2016)
Seat Covers for Tesla Model S (2014-2016)
Seat Covers for Tesla Model S (2014-2016)
Seat Covers for Tesla Model S (2014-2016)
Seat Covers for Tesla Model S (2014-2016)
Seat Covers for Tesla Model S (2014-2016)
Seat Covers for Tesla Model S (2014-2016)
Seat Covers for Tesla Model S (2014-2016)
Seat Covers for Tesla Model S (2014-2016)
Seat Covers for Tesla Model S (2014-2016)
Seat Covers for Tesla Model S (2014-2016)

• Protect your Model S seats from dirt, grime, moisture, spills, abrasion, pets, and kids.
• Custom-made to conform the unique shape of the front and rear seats.
• Offered in five corresponding color options, including complementary piping for accentuation.
• Includes a storage pocket behind the front seat and two front seat pockets for smartphones and other small objects.
• Made in the USA.
• Usually ships within 4–8 weeks from California. Not available for international delivery.

NOTE: Seat Covers require professional installation.

Returns accepted ONLY for new and unused Seat Covers within thirty (30) days of delivery. A 20% restocking fee will be applied to all returns.

Not compatible with the 2021-2022 Model S Refresh.



 "Cover up your... Model S leather seats with these [EVANNEX seat] covers? Perhaps you have messy kids or an often-muddy dog, and also want to keep your Model S interior pristine." 

- Mashable's "Top 10 Best Gifts for the Tesla Owner" by Nick Jaynes

Our custom fit Model S seat covers are available in five color combinations. Below are photos of each option.

Black with Red Piping


Tan with White Piping


Grey with White Piping


Black with white piping


Black with Black Piping





If you want to protect your Model S seat from dirt, grime, moisture, spills, abrasion, pets, and yes, kids, our custom-fit front and rear seat covers are an excellent option. These stylish seat covers are made from cushioned, high-quality neoprene—a material that can stand up to anything the outside environment can throw at it. Each seat cover has been designed to conform to the unique shape of Model S seats, with tufted sections, offset by sewn seams that conform to the cushions, bolsters and other lines of the seat itself. The front seat covers have a specially-designed opening on the window-side bolster to allow for the front seat airbag deployment.

Our seat covers have two unique features that are in great demand from Model S owners—a storage pocket for the front seat back, allowing rear seat storage of books or small toys, and two front seat pockets for smartphones or other small devices or objects. Seat covers are available in three color options: black with red piping, tan with white piping, and grey with white piping. The piping gives the seat covers a sport-performance look and accentuates the form-fitted Model S seat design. These seat covers are washable—in fact, washing them can actually extend their life. For further details on washing your seat covers, see of FAQ. 





Our seat covers are made from neoprene—the material of choice for high quality automotive seat covers. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber fabric, maintaining good chemical stability and flexibility over a wide temperature range. It has a smooth soft feel, and in our seat cover application, provides a cushioned seating surface. The neoprene surface of our seat covers is tufted and seamed to follow the upholstered look and shape of Model S seats. The neoprene fabric is approximately 2 mm thick with piping that is approximately 5 mm in diameter. The piping follows the outside perimeter of the seat cover and seat back surface. When choosing the right seat covers for the Model S, we carefully worked with the right manufacturer on a design that would provide the proper fitment, functionality, and "look" for the Tesla interior. These seat covers are made in the U.S.A. and manufactured by Wet Okole.

All seat cover fastening straps are made from high-strength woven polyester fabric with plastic side-release buckle clip fasteners that provide a strong, secure connection. Our neoprene has nylon bonded to both sides for easier installation, better fit and ultimate protection. We use only the best quality blended CR neoprene. Others use SBR imitation neoprene. Check out the advantages of CR neoprene below.



SBR Poor Poor Yes
CR Good Good


Also, the neoprene in our seat covers is laminated with nylon on both sides, making it twice as strong. No rubber touches your seat material which is especially important with leather or vinyl seats.

Please note: All seating surfaces are 1/2” foam padded for extra comfort and added protection.




Installation Video (Front Only)

Front Seat Installation Guide

Rear Seat Installation Guide

Installation PDF Files


Front Seat Installation


Rear Seat Installation

Important note: EVANNEX is not responsible for any damage or injury that may occur as a consequence of any attempt to remove the rear seat cushion.




Are these seat covers form-fitting?

Yes. The seat covers have been specifically designed for Tesla Model S standard seats. Each seat cover has been designed to conform to the unique shape of Model S seats, with tufted sections, offset by sewn seams that conform to the cushions, bolsters and other lines of the seat itself. The front seat covers have a specially designed opening on the window-side bolster to allow the front seat airbag deployment.

How do I know if I have "Standard" or "Next Gen" seats in my Model S?


The Model S comes standard with "Standard" seats (see top image). However, starting in October 2014, some Model S owners opted for an extra cost option called “Next Generation Sport Seats"  (sometimes called "Next Gen" or "New Gen" or “Sport” seats). These "Next Gen" seats (see lower image ) have noticeably larger side bolsters, rear bolsters, more contoured seat bottoms, thicker headrests, and different stitching patterns. Please examine your seats to determine whether you have Standard or Next Gen seats. If you didn’t explicitly order the "Next Gen" seating option, it’s unlikely that you have them. If you're not sure which seats you have, feel free to contact us for guidance and/or Tesla Motors to confirm.

Are the front seat covers difficult to install?

Installation of the front seat covers does require some time (depending on speed, between 1 and 2 hours) and relative complexity. We have created an installation video and detailed written instructions specifically for the Model S and we advise that you review the "Installation" tab for more information. Because of time and complexity of the install, professional installation is required.

Are the rear seat covers difficult to install?

Installation of the rear seat covers is also complex. Because the installation requires the removal of the rear seat cushion, professional installation is required.

Will you rear car seat covers affect the ability of attaching baby car seats?

The seat covers do not affect the attachment of the baby car seats in the rear of a Tesla. There is what is called 2 “D” rings in the slot where the back rest meets the seat bottom. The seat covers do not cover the D rings if the seat covers are installed correctly per the instructions. You will have access to the D rings to connect the straps from the baby car seat.

Is it possible that I might have "Next Gen" front seats and "Standard" rear seats?

Yes. There are many Tesla owners who only received "Next Gen" front seats but still have "Standard" rear seats. Therefore, if you're looking to order both "Next Gen" front and rear seats, be sure to use the graphic above to evaluate and/or check with Tesla Motors (or your Tesla Service Center) to confirm your seat type in order to ensure you're ordering the right seat covers for your car's particular configuration. If you have a mix of both, you can order the specific types of seat covers to fit your vehicle on both the Seat Covers "Standard" and "Next Gen" pages.

Will my seat heaters still be effective with use of these seat covers?

Heat from the vehicles seat heaters will still be noticeable. It will take a little while longer to be felt by the occupant, due to the fact it must warm 1/2' foam & 2mm of neoprene, prior to being felt the individual. A fair estimate would be 80% of heat will reach the consumer and 20% would be absorbed in the seat covers.

Are there rear seat covers that are compatible with the Tesla executive rear seats?

No. But, if you're interested, please contact us and we can place you on our wait list.

Is everything I need for an install provided?

In addition to the seat covers themselves, you’ll need three tools that are not provided: a flashlight, a wire cutter, and a single large wire coat hanger. See the "Installation" tab for detailed written and video  instructions with further details.

Where can I find a professional installer?

Any local automotive aftermarket installer (preferably with experience installing seat covers and experience with Tesla Model S vehicles) should be able to handle the rear seat cover installation and/or front seat cover installation.

Will these seat covers impede the deployment of the side air bags that are placed in the window side bolsters of the front seats?

These seat covers are designed with an opening slot that will allow the side air bags deployment in the event of a collision. Please follow the installation written instructions and installation video (see "Installation" tab) to be certain that the front seat cover backs are installed so that the slot faces the side window on both passenger and driver sides of the Model S.

Do your seat covers have pockets for additional storage?

Yes! Our seat covers have two unique features that are in great demand from Model S owners—a storage pocket for the front seat back, allowing rear seat storage of books or small toys, and two front seat pockets for smartphones or other small devices or objects. Note: our front pockets were designed to give both drivers and passengers a convenient and functional location to keep their cell phones and smaller items while seated in their vehicles. These pockets are located directly behind the occupants lower legs, giving them easy and safe access to their belongings. Note: there are no extra storage pockets on the rear seat option.

How are these storage pockets constructed?

Our extra storage pockets were designed to give the same look and feel of the pockets that you would find on the front and back of typical factory car seats. These pockets are manufactured out of the same high quality neoprene that our seat covers are made from. Our extra storage  pockets are made from the same high quality neoprene that our seat covers are made from. No matter what color neoprene you select for your seat covers, we'll use that same color to manufacture the seat pockets, giving them that clean, stylist and functional finish. Note: in order to maintain the integrity of the seat pockets, we advise against putting overly sharp or heavy objects inside.

Do the seat cover colors provide an exact match for my Model S interior upholstery color?

We have chosen the black, tan, and grey colors that are the closest neoprene match to the Model S interior leather colors, but due to the differences in the factory leather material and the seat cover neoprene material, they are not an exact match.

Can I get different seat cover colors and/or different color piping?

No. No alternate color (or piping color) options are available. We carefully chose the seat cover colors to correspond with the Model S interior seat color options available. As noted above, due to the different materials, we cannot guarantee an "exact match" but we've chosen the closest neoprene colors to the options available for Model S. Also, we chose the corresponding piping colors based on the original piping options that were included in the earlier Tesla Model S "P" (performance) model configurations in order to be consistent with the design aesthetic of the Model S.

Can I get the seat covers without piping?

No. These custom seat covers are offered in three corresponding colors to enhance the interior and all color option include complementary piping that accentuates the form-fitted nature of the seat covers and gives your Model S interior a high performance look (see answer immediately above). We do not offer options without piping.

Can the seat covers be damaged by intense sun exposure?

The seat covers have been constructed to withstand the "elements" -- however, it is possible for ultra-violet radiation, in cases where prolonged/extensive exposure to the sun, may impact your seat covers and cause some possible fading/changes to the neoprene material. To ensure pristine condition in your Model S interior, we also recommend you consider our Heatshield sunshade collection for additional protection.

Are these Model S seat covers truly waterproof?

There are areas where water could leak. Cut-outs for seat belts, buttons, headrest posts, and air bags are essentially holes and water can leak through a hole. Standing water will also eventually leak through seams. However, these seat covers will protect your seats from wet bathing suits, wet suits, and other summer and winter sports clothing that gets wet in normal use.

I installed my seat covers and they have wrinkles, what now?

If you have received our Seat Covers with a crease or a wrinkle after you've installed them, don’t worry, this is normal -- these wrinkles should come out during the first few weeks of use.

Can I wash the seat covers if they become dirty?

Absolutely. In fact, washing them can actually extend their life. The seat covers can be washed using “wet suit shampoo” designed for cleaning and conditioning neoprene products. Cleaning with wet suit shampoo removes organic residue, micro-organisms and salt deposits that contribute to the deterioration of neoprene. Conditioning with wet suit shampoo helps prevent excessive drying, premature aging and oxidation of neoprene while continuing to keep the colors bright. Since the seat covers are waterproof, just wash them right on the vehicle. No hassles of taking the seat covers on or off. Combine water with your wet suit shampoo. Use a lint-free cloth and wash your seat covers thoroughly. Rinse your seat covers with fresh water and towel dry. DO NOT USE BLEACH OR DETERGENTS CONTAINING BLEACH! DO NOT USE A BRUSH or MACHINE WASH! HAND WASH and AIR DRY ONLY!

Does the seat cover neoprene material have any odor when delivered?

A small percentage seat covers delivered may have a slight temporary odor during the first week or so after delivery. Please note: this will dissipate very quickly. It only would have a slight odor because the neoprene material is fresh/new having been recently custom-cut for your order. If there is a slight odor upon receipt, please let the product "air out" -- or if in the car, leave the windows slightly open, allowing fresh air to circulate, which will dissipate the neoprene smell much quicker.

Will the seat cover fit perfectly snugly over the seat back immediately upon installation?

Upon installation, there may appear to be ‘air pockets’ on the seat back cover. However, the seat cover material is stretchy, and the more you use it, the more it rests back on the seat. Therefore, upon installation the seat back can appear to liftoff seat back, but after some usage it conforms to the seat quite well. Therefore, the 'air pockets' you might see initially will disappear over time. 

Is there a return policy on these seat covers?

These made-to-order seat covers are custom built to your specific Model S configuration. Any product which has been used or installed is NOT returnable or exchangeable. Kindly inspect each box within 48 hours of delivery to ensure the integrity of your order. Please contact us within 72 hours if what you received has a workmanship defect. Any claims made after 72 hours of receipt will not be honored. There will be a 20 percent restocking charge for all returns—no exceptions. If you return your Seat Covers back to us under these circumstances, please understand that in order to keep the Seat Covers from becoming permanently creased, you have to return the Seat Covers lying completely flat in a box. DO NOT FOLD, ROLL IN A BALL OR STUFF IN A BOX. For more, see our "Return Policy" page.

How long will it take to receive my seat covers order?

We target shipping within 4 to 8 weeks from the date you place your order.

Do you ship this product internationally?





As seen in Teslarati




"As I unboxed the covers it was obvious that the workmanship is very well done– truly, it’s impressive."


"Ostensibly the covers are about adding years to the seats, but they have some real immediate benefits too. Since the covers are so nicely padded, they definitely improve the seat comfort (especially those rock-hard headrests!). Noticeably softer, the cover effectively reduces the span of the flatter center sections and make the bolsters bigger. The net effect is quite sporty."


"The seat covers add another pocket in the back, which is much more valuable. Rear seat passengers actually get no storage space in the Model S – well, except for the little notch by the door handle which my daughter likes to leave batteries in so they will crash and bang on every turn and slowly DRIVE HER FATHER CRAZY.  Aside from those meager holes where spent tissues also go to die, the typical seat back pouch is missing on the Tesla. These covers add it back in a generously sized pouch… [and also in front] they’ve actually expanded the pouch into two separate pockets…”


"These seat covers designed for the Model S and offered through EVANNEX do more than just protect the original seats, they actually enhance them in a number of ways like increased comfort, better positioning, added storage and, of course, superb materials and construction… Given the level of detail and quality, the price seems to be very reasonable… and well worth it for a custom fit product."


Source: As seen in both Teslarati and Tesla Pittsburgh 


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