SONAX Interior Car Wash Kit for EV Owners

SONAX Interior Car Wash Kit for EV Owners

• Comes with everything needed to clean the interior of your EV
• Clean all surfaces from glass, leather, to fingerprints and more!
• Made in Germany



Beauty is what's on the inside, so make sure your interior is spotless!

The SONAX Auto Interior Kit comes with every product you need to clean every surface of any car's interior! SONAX Glass Cleaner is a tint-safe cleaner that will make short work of any smudges, fingerprints, or streaks on your interior glass! SONAX Leather foam will both clean and protect your delicate leather upholstery in a single step, saving you time and money! SONAX Dashboard Cleaner will take care of any dirt, dust, or other mess on your dashboard and other vinyl surfaces without leaving behind a greasy, glossy finish! All the plastic and fabric surfaces in your car will be easily and effectively cleaned with SONAX Multi-Purpose Auto Interior Cleaner! When you use SONAX Auto Interior Kit, you'll be able to enjoy driving without worrying about your messy interior!

Kit Includes:
1 Dashboard Cleaner (300ml, 10.1 FL OZ)
1 Leather Foam (400ml, 13.02 OZ)
1 Multi-Purpose Auto Interior Cleaner (500ml, 16.9 FL OZ)
1 Glass Cleaner (750ml, 25.36 FL OZ)
3 Pack Ultrafine Microfiber Towels

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