Sonax Summer Bucket Kit for EV Owners

Sonax Summer Bucket Kit for EV Owners

• Everything you need to clean like a professional
• Includes interior and exterior cleaning supplies
• This kit includes everything you need to get started, including the bucket for cleaning & storage



Kit Includes:

• 1 Shampoo Concentrate (1000ml, 33.8 FL OZ)
• 1 Wheel Cleaner Full Effect (500ml, 16.9 FL OZ)
• 1 Tire Gloss Gel (500ml, 16.9 FL OZ)
• 1 High Speed Wax (500ml, 16.9 FL OZ)
• 1 Dashboard Cleaner (500ml, 16.9 FL OZ)
• 1 Glass Cleaner (750ml, 25.36 FL OZ)
• 1 2-Pack Green Microfiber Cloths Plus
• 1 Tire Gloss Gel Application Sponge
• 1 Microfiber Wash Mitt (color may vary)
• 1 Bucket

The SONAX brand’s history goes back to the beginning of the last century. In 1905 Neuburg, Germany, Manfred Hoffman extracted siliceous earth – an extremely fine mineral which was used in many domestic polishes. After the war, a silver polish was developed and marketed under the name, “Sona” – while very successful, it had very limited market opportunities due to its application. Therefore, the idea of creating a car polish was born!

Since then, SONAX has grown into the worldwide car care brand that we know today. SONAX is represented in 80 countries around the world, exports have increased to 30%, and a subsidiary distribution companies in Austria and the Netherlands provide local presence.


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