Vinyl Kit Upgrade for Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Covers
Vinyl Kit Upgrade for Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Covers
Vinyl Kit Upgrade for Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Covers
Vinyl Kit Upgrade for Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Covers
Vinyl Kit Upgrade for Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Covers
Vinyl Kit Upgrade for Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Covers
Vinyl Kit Upgrade for Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Covers
Vinyl Kit Upgrade for Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Covers

Vinyl Kit Upgrade for Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Covers

• Gives the Tesla Model 3's 18” Aero wheel covers a distinctive, aggressive look.
• Designed to the exact shape and curvature of the Aero wheel covers.
• Made of high quality, durable 3M 2080 or Avery SW900 vinyl.
• Available only in a special shade of aluminum gray.
• Each order includes 24 pieces of vinyl.
• Usually ships the next business day. Available for international delivery.



Tesla’s 18" Aero wheel covers have become a signature feature of one of the world’s most exciting electric cars—the Model 3. The wheel covers extend range by reducing aerodynamic drag. Because they’re standard equipment, many Model 3 owners don’t give them a second thought. As more and more Model 3s appear on the road, some owners want to maintain the benefits of the Aero covers while giving their car a more distinctive, aggressive look. We’ve studied upgrade options for your Aero wheel covers and have come up with a unique design solution. Introducing the Vinyl Kit Upgrade for Aero Wheels Covers, exclusively from EVANNEX.

The EVANNEX Vinyl Kit Upgrade for Aero Wheel Covers has been designed to exacting shapes and curvatures which make Aero wheels unique. Made of high quality, durable 3M 1080 or Avery SW900 vinyl, our upgrade kit will give your Model 3 a more aggressive look. The Vinyl Kit Upgrade maintains Tesla's design language while introducing a third wheel cover color tone providing the illusion of an impeller-like surface. Each blade of the ‘impeller’ forms an abstract “T.” It’s a striking look that will turn heads as you drive.







The EVANNEX Vinyl Kit Upgrade for Aero Wheel Covers is made using 3M 2080 or Avery SW900 vinyl film, perhaps the most well-respected automotive vinyl films in the industry. Both vinyl films have been designed and fabricated for strength, fade resistance, and long life. It uses specially designed adhesives that allow repeated surface placement and removal. It can be heated gently using a heat gun or hairdryer to increase pliability and adhesion.

The shape EVANNEX created for the Vinyl Kit Upgrade for Aero Wheel Covers gives the illusion of an entirely different and distinctive wheel while maintaining all of the attributes allowing Aero wheels to extend vehicle range. Basic wheel cover surface parameters were fed into our CAD system in order to be used as the basis for the creation of our new design. The resulting vinyl piece blends into the Aero wheel cover seamlessly and is a number of shades lighter than the satin gunmetal surface color on the Aero wheel covers themselves. This gives the upgraded Aero wheels a striking tri-color look.


The vinyl color we use for the wheel cover upgrade is a special shade of aluminum gray, giving the Aero wheels a tri-color metal look. A color swatch follows:

Each wheel requires five vinyl pieces for the upgrade. We provide four (4) extra pieces (for a total of 24 pieces) in case you err during installation. You will have extra vinyl to account for one mistake per wheel.




Why do I need a Vinyl Kit?

Stated simply, to change the look of your Aero wheels and make them unique. It’s important to note a vinyl kit allows you to change the look of your wheels at a relatively low cost. If at some point in the future you want to go back to the OEM Aero wheel covers, vinyl is easy to remove without damaging the OEM surfaces.

Are the vinyl kits difficult to install?

Professional installation is recommended. However, the installation of vinyl is possible as a DIY project. It requires patience, attention to detail, and a steady hand. Prior experience helps as well. It is also very important to clean and prepare the Aero wheel cover surface before work begins. Vinyl can be applied and removed as you install, so a small alignment mistake can be remedied with little difficulty. We also provide four (4) extra pieces (for a total of 24 pieces) in case you err during installation.

Where can I get professional installation?

Professional installation can be done at a local car wraps shop, car mods shop or a trusted tint shop. A simple Google search for, say, "car wraps + your city" will bring up names of shops with reviews. We recommend working with shops with good reviews and/or recommendations from other Tesla owners.

Are special tools required?

The only tools you’ll need are the squeegee provided with the vinyl kit, a spray bottle containing a water/alcohol mix to ensure proper cleaning and surface preparation, and a hairdryer to help remove any wrinkles and make the vinyl more pliable. In addition, you might want to have a #1 Xacto knife if you’ve stretched a vinyl piece inadvertently and need to trim, although this is optional and will probably be unnecessary.

Do I need to cut or trim the components of the Vinyl Kit?

It's unlikely. The vinyl kit components have been designed to fit without cutting or trimming unless they have been inadvertently stretched during installation.

Do you provide instructions for applying the Vinyl Kit upgrade?

We have developed detailed step-by-step written instructions for the vinyl kit. In addition, we produced a detailed installation video for the product. For those who are unfamiliar with vinyl, we also provide general installation guidelines including surface preparation instructions.

Is surface prep complicated?

Not at all. The Aero wheel cover surface should first be washed thoroughly using soap and water, and then allowed to dry. It should then be cleaned with a 60/40 water-isopropyl alcohol mix applied using a lint-free cloth. The objective is to remove all dust, dirt, and greasy residue before vinyl installation commences.

Can I install the vinyl kit while my Aero Wheel Covers are on the car?

Do NOT attempt this! Installation of the vinyl would be far more complicated, uncomfortable, and difficult. There’s really no need. Do the installation of the vinyl on a convenient tabletop.

How do I remove the Aero Wheel Covers so I can work on them?

Your Aero wheel covers can be removed easily. Place your fingers inside the air vent openings in the wheel cover and pull outward in a few places around the diameter of the wheel cover. The wheel covers can be reinstalled by popping them back into place. Make sure you align the tire valve stem properly once you’ve installed the vinyl.

Can I remove the vinyl if I decide to go back to the OEM surface finish?

Absolutely. Vinyl can be removed at any time.

How many vinyl pieces do I get?

You’ll get 24 identical vinyl pieces. You only need 20 (5 pieces for each Aero wheel), but we provide 4 extras just in case you make a mistake.

Are each of the vinyl pieces cut to fit?


What is the projected life of a Vinyl Kit?

Exterior vinyl should have a useful life of 2 to 3 years, possibly a bit longer. However, the location of vinyl on your Aero wheel covers makes them susceptible to road debris, sand, and harsh weather conditions. If you live in a harsh climate where road salt or sand is commonly used during winter months, then the useful life of the vinyl kit may be shorter.

Will the vinyl fade with time?

In general, vinyl is impervious to sun damage and will not fade or otherwise discolor.

Can the vinyl be scratched or otherwise damaged during regular use?

In general, vinyl is remarkably strong and resilient. However, if a shape or abrasive object comes into hard contact with the vinyl, it can be scratched or torn. This is true of just about any surface. We provide 4 extra pieces in case you err during install or as a backup should you need to replace one.

If I decide to remove the vinyl after some period of time, can I re-install it again at a later date?

No. Once the vinyl has set on the surface (requiring about 24 hours), its adhesion becomes stronger and more permanent. It can still be removed without difficulty, but removal will stretch and potentially tear the vinyl. It cannot be reused.

What if I damage one component of the vinyl kit while I’m installing it?

In general, that shouldn’t happen. If it does, we've provided you with four extra vinyl pieces so you can recover.

What is your return policy for the Vinyl Kits?

All EVANNEX products can be returned in undamaged and unused condition within 30 days of delivery. However, once the backing is removed from any component of a vinyl kit, it may not be returned for credit or exchange as the vinyl kit cannot be resold once the backing has been removed.

How long does it take to receive my Vinyl Kit order?

The EVANNEX Vinyl Kit Upgrade usually ships within 24 business hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.




Video Instructions 


Written Instructions

For downloadable instructions on the easy installation of the EVANNEX Vinyl Kit Upgrade for Aero Wheel Covers, click on the link that follows:

Download PDF Instructions

*For important tips on installation please read through the entire FAQ Tab.



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