Tesla 'T' Red Vinyl Accents for Wheel Center Caps (Four Accents in each set)
Tesla 'T' Red Vinyl Accents for Wheel Center Caps (Four Accents in each set)
Tesla 'T' Red Vinyl Accents for Wheel Center Caps (Four Accents in each set)
Tesla 'T' Red Vinyl Accents for Wheel Center Caps (Four Accents in each set)
Tesla 'T' Red Vinyl Accents for Wheel Center Caps (Four Accents in each set)
Tesla 'T' Red Vinyl Accents for Wheel Center Caps (Four Accents in each set)

Tesla 'T' Red Vinyl Accents for Wheel Center Caps (Four Accents in each set)

Whether you have 18s, 19s, 20s, 21s, or 22s, Tesla wheels are a unique aspect of the your Model 3, Model S or Model X. Every Tesla wheel has a center cap with the Tesla “T”—a symbol of the transformational nature of the automobile. The “T” represents a remarkable blend of aesthetics, performance, tech innovations, and zero emissions, and for that reason, many Tesla owners want it to stand out. Our Tesla “T” Center Cap Accent for Tesla Wheels gives your wheels a flash of red, making them stand out from the crowd. 

Please note: Each order comes with a set of four vinyl appliqués that are applied to your existing OEM wheel center caps (not included).



Every Tesla owner is proud of the fact that they own one of the world’s most innovative vehicles. Most also want to support the Tesla brand, and the Tesla “T” badge on your wheel center caps identifies the brand nicely. We developed a simple accent that makes the Center Cap Tesla “T” pop.

We provide five (5) Center Cap Tesla T accents with every order, allowing you to accent all of your wheels with red vinyl “Ts” along with a spare, just in case.  The Ts are easily installed with no tools, and can be removed in the future if you decide to return to the original OEM center cap.

The photos that follow shown the Tesla “T” Accent for Model S, Model X and Model 3, respectively. If your vehicle has OEM Tesla center caps (including Aero wheels for Model 3), our Tesla “T” accent for Wheel Center Caps will fit.




The EVANNEX Center Cap Tesla “T” accents are made using 3M 1080 vinyl film, well-repected in the industry and designed and fabricated for strength, fade resistance, and long life. 3M vinyl films use specially designed adhesives that allow repeated surface placement and removal. Both can be heated gently using a heat gun or hair dryer to increase pliability and adhesion.

The Center Cap Tesla “T” accents  are 1.5in. W x 1.5 in. L (38mm W and 38mm) and come in a set of 5 (one spare). The following sillouette provide an indication of the accent sheet:

The shape of the Tesla T has been captured and basic surface parameters were fed into our CAD system for refinement. The finished shapes are then cut using a CNC vinyl cutter using software that enables translation of our CAD drawing to the vinyl. All shapes are accurate to within 0.5 mm.

Vinyl Color: Red




Does this product include a set of physical center caps that fit Tesla wheels?

No. The product includes five (5) red vinyl appliqués (we provide one spare) that fit the embossed Tesla T in the OEM center caps that are currently on your vehicle. Is is NOT a replacement center cap.

Why do I need a Center Cap Tesla T Accent?

Stated simply, to change the look of your wheels subtly and to make the center cap “T” pop with a flash of red.

Is the Tesla T Accent difficult to install?

No, installation is straightforward. But patience and a steady hand are required. Vinyl can be applied and removed a number of times as you install, so a small alignment mistake can be remedied with little difficulty?

Are special tools required?

No, although a spray bottle containing a water/alcohol mix to ensure proper cleaning and surface preparation is recommended.

Do I need to cut or trim the vinyl?

No. The Tesla “T”  Accent has been designed to fit without any requirement for cutting or trimming.

I own a Model 3 and my OEM center cap already has a black vinyl insert installed. Can I put the red vinyl over it?

You can, but we recommend removing it for better adhesion and a cleaner look. You can remove the black vinyl using a #1 xacto or any pointy blade and peel the vinyl up and off.

Do you provide instructions for applying the vinyl?

We have developed detailed step-by-step written instructions for Center Cap Tesla “T” Accent. In addition, EVANNEX provides a detailed installation video for each vinyl kit.

Is surface prep complicated?

Not at all. The surface should be cleaned with a 60 % water/40 % isopropyl alcohol mix applied using a lint free cloth or paper towel. The objective is to remove all dust, dirt, and greasy residue before vinyl installation commences.

Can I remove the vinyl if I decide to go back to the OEM surface finish?

Absolutely. Vinyl can be removed at any time.

What is the projected life of a vinyl?

Interior vinyl should have a useful life of between 3 and 5 years.

Will the vinyl fade with time?

In general, vinyl is impervious to sun damge and will not fade or otherwise discolor.

Will rain, snow or car washing damage the vinyl?


Can the vinyl be scratched or otherwise damaged during regular use?

In general, vinyl is remarkably strong and resilent. However, if a sharp or abrasive object comes into hard contact with the vinyl, it can be scratched or torn, but that’s true of just about any surface.

If I decide to remove the vinyl after some period of time, can I re-install it again at a later date?

No. Once the vinyl has set on the surface (requiring about 24 hours), its adhesion becomes stronger and more permanent. It can still be removed without difficulty, but removal will stretch and potentially tear the vinyl. It cannot be reused.

How long does it take to receive my order?

For Tesla “T” Accent, you can expect delivery between 1 to 2 weeks from the day you place your order. 

Does Tesla “T”  Accent ship internationally?

Yes, the Tesla “T”  Accent does ship internationally using USPS Intrnational delivery. Please be certain to refer to our specific policies and requirements for international orders before you purchase the Tesla “T”  Accent.




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To view and download a pdf version of written Installation Instructions, click the button below:

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