Wheel Accents for Tesla Model Y

Wheel Accents for Tesla Model Y
Wheel Accents for Tesla Model Y
Wheel Accents for Tesla Model Y
Wheel Accents for Tesla Model Y
Wheel Accents for Tesla Model Y
Wheel Accents for Tesla Model Y
Wheel Accents for Tesla Model Y
Wheel Accents for Tesla Model Y
Wheel Accents for Tesla Model Y

• Designed specifically for Tesla OEM 20" Induction and 21" Uberturbine wheels.
• Adds a subtle accent at the outer rim lip of Model Y wheels.
• Provides a custom carbon fiber look.
• Easy to install vinyl requiring no tools or cutting.
• Extra accents allow you to recover from an installation error.
• Currently Out Of Stock. Available for international delivery. 



Tesla offers 21" Uberturbine and 20" Induction wheels for the Model Y. These wheels are striking in their own right, but they can be given a subtle aesthetic boost with our Wheel Accents. Available for Model Y 20" and 21" wheels, these vinyl accents are custom-cut to be placed between the turbine 'spokes' on the outer lip of the wheel rim, providing the impression that the entire outer lip is constructed of carbon fiber. Easily installed without tools or cutting, our Wheel Accents will give your Model Y wheels a distinctive look.




EVANNEX Wheel Accents For the Tesla Model Y are made at EVANNEX's manufacturing facility in Florida, and are fabricated using automotive-grade 3M 2080 vinyl with a carbon fiber look. 3M 2080 is a cast vinyl that is 4.5 mm thick and is designed to accommodate automotive requirements.

These Wheel Accents are available for both the Model Y 20" Induction wheels and the Model Y 21" Uberturbine wheels.




Why do I need the EVANNEX Wheel Accents for Model Y?

Stated simply, to enhance the look of your OEM 20" Induction or 21" Uberturbine rims. It's important to note that our vinyl kit allows you to change the look of your rims at low cost. If at some point in the future you want to go back to the OEM rims, vinyl is easy to remove with no damage to the OEM surfaces.

Will these accents work for other OEM Tesla wheels (e.g. 19" Sport Wheels)?

Our Wheel Accents have been designed only for Uberturbine and Induction wheels. They will NOT fit other Tesla rims.

Will these accents work for Model Y OEM 19" Gemini wheels or their predecessors?

Our Performance accents have been designed only for 21" Uberturbine and 20" Induction wheels. They will NOT fit Gemini wheels for Model Y.

Are the vinyl Wheel Accents difficult to install?

No. The accents are custom cut to fit the outer lip space between the wheel spokes ('blades') and do not require any tools or cutting to install. We do provide detailed installation instructions and video (see our "Installation" tab).

Is surface prep complicated?

Not at all, but it does require care. The wheel surface should be washed thoroughly and then cleaned with a 60% water / 40% isopropyl alcohol mix applied using a lint free cloth or paper towel. The objective is to remove all dust, dirt, and greasy residue before vinyl installation commences. IMPORTANT: Please be certain to remove any tire or wheel shine/cleaning product before you apply the Wheel Accent vinyl. Failure to do so will result in poor adhesion.

My wheels were ceramic coated after I purchased by vehicle. Will the vinyl adhere to them?

Aftermarket ceramic coating changes the adhesion characteristics of the surface. Do NOT purchase this product if your Uberturbine or Induction wheels have been ceramic coated in the aftermarket.

Can I remove the vinyl if I decide to go back to the OEM finish?

Absolutely. Vinyl can be removed at any time.

What is the projected life of a vinyl kit?

Exterior vinyl should have a useful life of between 3 and 5 years.

Will the vinyl fade with time?

In general, vinyl is impervious to sun damage and will not fade or otherwise discolor.

Can the vinyl be scratched or otherwise damaged during regular use?

In general, vinyl is remarkably strong and resilient. However, if a sharp or abrasive object comes into contact with the vinyl, it can be scratched or torn, but that's true of just about any surface. We provide you with extra accents in the event that one becomes damaged.

If I decide to remove the vinyl after some period of time, can I reinstall it again at a later date?

No. Once the vinyl has set on the surface (requiring about 24 hours), its adhesion becomes stronger and more permanent. It can still be removed without difficulty, but removal will stretch and potentially tear the vinyl. It cannot be reused.

Are special tools required?

No tools are required. In order to provide stronger adhesion on the outer edge of the rim, you can choose to use a household hair dryer to heat the vinyl at the edge as it is installed.

Do I need to cut or trim the components of the vinyl kit?

No. The vinyl kit components have been specifically designed and cut to fit without any requirement for cutting or trimming.

What if I make a mistake during installation?

A vinyl piece can be removed and repositioned if required. If you inadvertently damage a vinyl piece, we provide you with extra accent pieces to replace it. You can also use these extra pieces to replace an accent that has been damaged during use.

Do the wheel accents provide a perfect fit for the OEM surfaces?

Each Wheel Accent piece fits the surface curvature and perimeter shape for which it was designed and fabricated. However, alignment varies with each installation and there may be tiny variances in fit. In general, these variances will be a millimeter or less. For most owners, any variance that might occur will not be noticeable.

Do you provide instructions for applying the wheel accents?

We've developed detailed step-by-step written instructions for each Wheel Accent kit. In addition, EVANNEX provides a detailed installation video.

What is your return policy for EVANNEX vinyl kits?

Once the backing is removed from any component of a vinyl kit, it may not be returned for credit or exchange. The reason is that the kit cannot be resold once the backing has been removed. For more information, please review our Return Policy.

How long does it take to receive my Wheel Accents order?

Wheel Accents usually ship within 24 business hours of receipt of order. Delivery time depends on your location relative to South Florida and is typically within three (3) days for the continental U.S.

Does the Wheel Accent vinyl kit ship to international destinations?

Yes, the vinyl kits ship internationally.




Installation Video


Installation Instructions

To view and download a pdf version of written Installation Instructions for EVANNEX "Wheel Accents for Model Y, click the button below:

Installation Instructions


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