First Look: Tesla Model 3 Launch Event [Gallery]

I'm blessed... yes, blessed. I can't believe I'm lucky enough to be out here in LA for the Tesla Model 3 launch event! As you may know, we're a family business, and my father is one of the first 200 Tesla Model S Signature owners worldwide (he took delivery in 2012) and he's also a soon-to-be owner of a Tesla Model X. Even though he's an early Tesla owner, we thought our chances would be really slim to get an invite to this super-exclusive Model 3 event. However, he RSVP'ed to the event and hit the lottery. So, we (last minute) got plane tickets from Florida and flew cross-country for the Tesla Model 3 launch event. 

Above: "Restricted Access" (with the "3" symbol) on signage in front of the the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, CA at the site of the event during set-up

We decided to swing by to visit our friends at Unplugged (Ben and his team) who design the popular BBS UP-01 wheels. Turns out their offices are right next to the Tesla Design Studio and SpaceX in Hawthorne -- right at the site of the event. Anyway, we took a wrong turn and stumbled right onto the scene where Tesla Motors staff is busily setting up for the Model 3 launch event taking place tomorrow night. No, we didn't see the Tesla Model 3. Even if we saw it we'd never publish photos... but, we did capture some of the excitement that's happening on-site as the wonderful, hard-working Tesla team is getting ready for their biggest automotive launch to date. Here's what we encountered...

Above: SpaceX's Toyota RAV-4 EV trucks nearby (made by Tesla of course) and lots of trucks and forklifts were on-site getting the area prepped for the upcoming Model 3 launch event

Above: No problem with power as Tesla Energy Powerpacks were on-site; crew working furiously to get the site ready; my first (in-person) look at the "Arachnid" wheel style on a Model S while a bunch of Teslas (towards the front of the Tesla Design Studio) were getting charged from a Tesla Supercharger station with solar rooftop structure

Above: Tesla-only parking on-site; BBS UP-01 wheels on an "electric" blue Tesla; and the same wheels on a gold Tesla

I'll be reporting here on-site with any news leading up to (and during) the event tomorrow night. We're honored to be here, and, we can't wait for the Model 3 reveal. I'll be in line for the Model 3 tomorrow morning (maybe tonight?) and will share some of the photos from all the excitement here in Los Angeles. And, before you ask... of course, my brother and I (and my father) are all putting $1,000 down for the Model 3 sight unseen. We're looking forward to sharing any news (and visuals) we capture here during this historic Tesla occasion, so stay posted.