Step inside a Tesla Model X [Tesla Eye Candy 43]

For this installment of Tesla Eye Candy, we take you inside the Tesla Model X. To check it out, scroll down to the featured video below... but, before that -- take a lookout at our favorite curated photos we've uncovered across Instagram. Our winner is the Tesla Model X as we love that special signature red color we're seeing in various photos across the web. In addition, we've got some great images including some Tesla Model S customized vehicles with beautiful aftermarket wheels. Be sure to check out the blue Tesla racing image below featuring the ultra-popular BBS UP-01 wheels, very cool...

Instagram: @russian_storm

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For our featured video, we found an incredibly slick Tesla Model X walk-through (shot professionally by JH Photography). We get a chance to "step inside" this signature Model X and see how spacious and comfortable the seats are in each of the three rows. We also get a chance to see the storage capacity of the vehicle and the new "floating T" in the front grille area. This video offers us a unique chance to get up-close and personal with the Tesla Model X.

Youtube: JH Photography

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