New Products: Trunk Accessories for the Tesla Model S

New Products: Trunk Accessories for the Tesla Model S

We have three newly released trunk products that will increase the storage and functionality of your Tesla Model S trunk area. Let's take a look at these...

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Trunk Organizer

Your Tesla Model S provides you with lots of storage space in the trunk, but it can be a challenge to keep your stuff organized. The Trunk Organizer provides a much-needed partitioning system for the Model S trunk's foot well, allowing you an opportunity to avoid the clutter that often occurs in the trunk space. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where you can load grocery bags without worrying about them tipping over when you corner the Model S? The Trunk Organizer has adjustable dividers, allowing you to establish partitioned storage compartments within the trunk's foot well, and because it fits completely inside the trunk's foot well, the Trunk Organizer is concealed from view.

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Trunk Organizer 

Pet Cargo Cover

This unique pet cargo cover provides excellent protection for your Tesla Model S or Model X trunk. The cargo cover is perfect for pets, transport of cleaning supplies or paints, hauling furniture or other loads that might cause a mess in your trunk. Made of a water resistant vinyl and nylon material, it keeps the trunk area dry and protects your trunk interior. Simple installation makes it easy to set-up and breakdown in no time. The Pet Cargo Cover is designed for easy Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X fitment with adjustable hook and loop fastener flaps.

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Model S

Model X

Parcel Shelf Auto Lift

When you open the rear hatch of your Tesla Model S, it's nice to be able to see all the way into the trunk, but the parcel shelf blocks part of your view.  The Parcel Shelf Auto Lift provides a solution. Once installed, this kit automatically raises the lip portion of the Model S parcel shelf as the rear hatch opens, allowing for easier access to more of the trunk. And the installation involves no permanent alterations, glue or adhesives. Upon closing, the parcel shelf lip returns to its resting position. Sleek in design and almost invisible to the naked eye, Parcel Shelf Auto Lift is made of strong, durable materials that have been designed to withstand thousands of open-close sequences. The Parcel Shelf Auto Lift can also be disconnected to allow the removal of the parcel shelf in just a few seconds.

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Auto Lift


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