Let's test drive the new Tesla "D"

Last night, Tesla revealed a new "dual motor" Model S that showcases the company's engineering prowess and it's ability to leapfrog the competition in many ways - most compelling was it's stunning performance and new "autopilot" safety features.


First, let's talk performance. Tesla's much-hyped "D" is a dual motor version of the Model S that in it's highest performance variant, the P85D, delivers an astonishing 687 lb-ft of torque, 1g of lateral acceleration, and a 0-60 MPH run of 3.2 seconds. That makes the P85D the fastest 4-door sedan ever, even matching the McLaren F1 in performance. This places the Model S squarely into super-car territory. Just how fast is this? Let's go for a test drive...


If you noticed in our test drive video (above), after the lightening-quick torque delivered by Tesla's dual motors, it becomes clear that new "Autopilot" features are coming into play as Tesla evolves closer and closer to autonomous driving. Just how does this work? The new system combines a forward facing camera and 12 sensors that see 16 feet in every direction and provide a 360-degree view the surroundings. CNET presents a great recap from Elon Musk's presentation last night summing up how this "autopilot" all works...

Upgrade your Model S

In the short term, at least, most of us won’t be able to upgrade to the “D”, but all of us can “upgrade” the car we do own—inside and out. If you’ve been thinking about giving your Model S something new as we approach the holiday season, EVannex has just what you need:

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