New Product: Tesla Model S "Glasses Clip"

Posted on February 25, 2015 by Matt Pressman

With the Tesla Model S, we're always looking for ways to enhance interior storage and functionality. And with spring coming, we wanted to introduce a simple, small product for easy-access as the sun glares, the GlassesClip. Check it out below...


If you've ever wanted a convenient place to hang your sunglasses (driving glasses or reading glasses), GlassesClip is the perfect solution. The form factor is small, subtle, and unobtrusive in your Model S interior. This small, strong, and inconspicuous black plastic clip slips under and into the front center speaker housing in the headliner of your Model S, providing a convenient place to put your glasses. Simple-to-install (and quickly remove), the GlassesClip provides a sleek solution to a common driver's problem—where to put your glasses.

Check it out, click the red button below...


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