Tesla Eye Candy, Exhibition 1

Posted on May 13, 2015 by Matt Pressman

As Tesla continues to deliver more cars worldwide, eye-catching Model S vehicles are popping up everywhere. And while we scour the web for unique images of all things Tesla, we're stumbling across some unusual, crazy, beautiful, and stunning imagery -- so much so that we've decided to highlight our favorite Tesla "eye candy" encountered during our travels across digital media. We did this recently in a prior blog post and it was hugely popular. So, we're going to uncover some more "sweets" for your Tesla visual diet... enjoy!

From top to bottom: 1. someone is already hard-at-work on a Tesla Powerwall iPad app, 2. looks like this Model S (and another) will partake in the "Gumball 3000" from Stockholm to Las Vegas, 3. crazy color on this lowered Japanese modified Model S from ACC, 4. stealth matte black Model S - definitely a great getaway car for any movie villain, 5. beautiful photo of Model S charging at Supercharger


Source, Instagram: @bagusfikri, @missmelissaalvarez, @takashi_hat, @iconwrapz, @johnklark

We also wanted to feature a video of a Model S so different and unique that we thought it was worth showing some film footage -- it's from PTAP Rides and the video features a P85 with a titanium matte grey vinyl wrap and translucent blue painted wheels...


Source, Youtube: PTAP Rides

Keep checking our blog (or simply join us on Instagram) as we'll be showcasing more of these gallery exhibitions soon.

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