Tesla Eye Candy, Exhibition 2

We're continuing our series of eye-catching Model S vehicles featuring some of the wildest, different, exotic, and stunning imagery. Our goal is to highlight our favorite Tesla "eye candy" encountered during our travels across digital media. If you missed it, we started the series last week with this post. So, enjoy some more "sweets" for your Tesla visual diet!

From top to bottom: 1. This Tesla with a full "chrome-delete" is definitely worthy of Darth Vader (and for the Stormtrooper's Model S see the video below); 2. The "Equality without Exception" rainbow-wrapped Tesla; 3. A minty green Tesla; 4. JD Customs "Gumball 3000" Tesla design; 5. And close-up of their "Gumball 3000" gloss carbon fiber 21" turbine wheels complete with orange Tesla center cap


Source, Instagram: @designzavodflacon@kayluhv@irenmoe73@jd_customs; Facebook: Gumball 3000 - Team Tesla P85D

A fun fact: SpaceX's fleet of Falcon rockets — the Falcon 9 boosters and smaller Falcon 1 rockets — are all named after the fictional Millennium Falcon spaceship from creator George Lucas' Star Wars movies. So, we thought Elon Musk (CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX) would appreciate this unique, must-see Tesla P85D clearly inspired by the Star Wars movie's Stormtroopers...


Source, Youtube: Car News (modifications by MC Customs)

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