Tesla Motors shows its support for our Veterans

In an interview* last year, Tesla Motors' Vice President of Human Resources explained: "We want to be known throughout the veteran community as a great place to work. Veterans are a great source of talent for Tesla, and we're going after it." At the time, roughly 5% of Tesla Motors' work force were  veterans and the company has only been growing. "Tesla has risen to the top" among companies known for creating veteran-friendly workplaces, said Ted Daywalt, president and CEO of VetJobs, the nation's leading military job board. "They have a good reputation. They hire veterans who can talk to other veterans. There is a language in the military, and having someone who can speak the lingo is important."

Source: Tesla Motors

Yesterday, in support of Veteran's Day, Tesla placed its two marquis vehicles -- the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X -- on display at its factory in Fremont, CA. Both Tesla vehicles were emblazoned with spectacular vehicle wraps (by SS Customs) showing support for our veterans. Check them out below...

Examples of successful and dedicated vets within the ranks at Tesla Motors are everywhere. Tesla industrial engineering technician and National Guard member Megan Gates explains: "I give it 100 percent, whether I'm in uniform in the Guard or in jeans and a T-shirt at Tesla... The military gives you technical skills and experience working on a team, and manufacturing is all about following directions but being flexible."

We salute our veterans and all of those at Tesla Motors who have served our nation so proudly.


*Source: San Jose Mercury News