New Product: Next Gen Seat Covers for Tesla Model S

They're here! Due to overwhelming demand from Tesla Model S owners worldwide, we've custom-designed special "next gen" seat covers. We wanted to alert everyone on our blog that these "next gen" seat covers are now in-stock. Many Tesla owners want to protect their Model S leather seats from dirt, grime, moisture, spills, abrasion, pets, and yes... kids! And, they want to carefully protect their next gen seats with seat covers custom-made for the Tesla Model S that conform to the unique shape of the front and rear seats - preserving the interior of the Model S.

These new seat covers are now offered for both standard and next gen seat types -- in three corresponding color options and includes complementary piping that accentuates the form-fitted nature of the seat covers and gives your Model S interior a high performance look. In addition, our seat covers provide extra storage with a storage pocket for the front seat back, allowing rear seat storage of books, light devices, or small toys, and two front seat pockets for smartphones or other small devices or objects.

The front seat covers have a specially-designed opening on the window-side bolster to allow for the front seat airbag deployment. And, our seat covers are made from neoprene—the material of choice for high quality automotive seat covers. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber fabric, maintaining good chemical stability and flexibility over a wide temperature range. It has a smooth soft feel, and in our seat cover application, provides a cushioned seating surface. The neoprene surface of our seat covers is tufted and seamed to follow the upholstered look and shape of Model S seats. Check out our new seat covers, just click the button below...