Tesla Eye Candy 27 / Tesla Model S Infographic

For this week's ultra-popular Tesla Eye Candy gallery, we wanted to showcase some fun images we've come across as a result of our (we admit) Instagram addiction. There are so many Tesla owners and fans worldwide posting various images of (or related) to Tesla that we wanted to filter out our favorites in our blog format for easy viewing. We had to include this first image of Owning Model S author Nick Howe with fellow Model S owner and Apple icon/legend Steve Wozniak (holding his very own copy of Owning Model S). And, we especially like the third image as it shows what may happen if our Model S NVX sound upgrade is installed! In any event, just scroll down to check these all out below...

Above: Steve Wozniak with his copy of the 'Owning Model S' book (with author Nick Howe)

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Usually we feature a video as part of Tesla Eye Candy, but, this week we came across an intriguing infographic. Too often, Tesla Motors is not given its "due" for the gorgeous (and functional) design approach applied to the Model S. This infographic shows why the Tesla Model S really is a "quiet masterpiece" from a design standpoint. Check it out...

Source: Business Insider

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