Tesla Eye Candy 28 / Tesla in Japan

This week, we recap some of the most stunning images we've come across on Instagram in our popular Tesla Eye Candy gallery. We're always searching for new and unique ways the Model S is portrayed through beautiful photography, cool artwork, and distinctive aftermarket modifications. If you have something you'd like to send into us for Tesla Eye Candy, just go ahead and contact us - we'd love to consider it for an upcoming post. Take a look at this week's top picks...

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For this week's featured video, we came across this "sizzle reel" showcasing Tesla Motors' presence in one of the automotive epicenters of the world, Japan. Tesla has a long history doing business in the country. Early in the history of Tesla Motors, Toyota invested $50 million into TSLA and partnered with Tesla provide the powertrain for their  all-electric RAV4 program. However, since that time, Toyota has both divested in TSLA and ended their RAV4 partnership with Tesla Motors opting instead (strangely) to invest in hydrogen fuel cells. On the other hand, Tesla has a longtime friend, investor and partner in Panasonic. Not only does Panasonic make the 18650 battery (about 7,000 go into each Tesla Model S battery pack), but, Panasonic has signed as as the primary partner in the massive Tesla Gigafactory. In any event, we love this Tesla video showing off their Model S P85D racing through the streets of Japan...

Source: Tesla Motors

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