Tesla Eye Candy 30 / The Amazing Tesla Factory

This week, for our super-popular Tesla Eye Candy gallery, our winner (once again) is awarded to @stigtronvold -- he shoots some truly breathtaking photos of his beautiful Tesla Model S. In addition, we've got some cool city shots of the Model S, a winter photo as the season starts getting colder, and even a BMW i8 making friends with a Model S... well, that is - until the BMW owner realizes he can't use that Tesla Supercharger! Sorry. Anyhow, check out our picks for this week...

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For this week's Tesla Eye Candy video, we get a 90-second inside look at the amazing Tesla factory based in Fremont, California. Tesla opened their doors to a camera crew that shot some great footage inside the factory showing the many stages the Model S goes through before being delivered to your driveway. We love getting inside access like this... we hope you enjoy it too.

Source: Tesla Motors

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