Tesla production ramps up; Model X caught on video

We've been obsessed with covering all things Tesla Model X. There has been definitive progress since we last reported on it... and we're not talking about the Model X Christmas-themed light show! According to Clean Technica*, Tesla Model X production has kicked into high gear -- they cite a source inside Tesla Motors who confirmed that every other car off the [production] line is the [Model] X.” Based on an expected total production capacity of 2,000 vehicles per week by 2016, that could mean 1,000 Model Xs a week. More realistically, production is still ramping up (which slows things down), and Tesla CEO Elon Musk expected an average of 1,600 – 1,800 vehicles a week in 2016 as a whole due to the various limitations that can come up and keep the company from hitting its max production capacity.

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Nevertheless, even 1,600 total vehicles a week, though, would mean ~800 Model Xs a week, and that would match well with Tesla’s goal of producing hundreds of Model Xs a week by the end of the year. This is fantastic news, as it indicates that regardless of what is actually being delivered to customers, the Model X is rolling off the lines at the same rate as the full-production Model S. Not only is this exciting news for those eager folks on the waitlist, but it bodes well for the year to come. The Tesla Model X is a revolutionary SUV and, based on the current waiting list, demand is backed up for at least the first year, if not longer. With production ramped up to full speed, the TSLA doubters can (finally) be silenced.

So... are Tesla Model X deliveries happening? Are customers getting their cars? While scouring the web, we found a significant influx of posts from new Model X owners across social media and the forums. But, our favorite "proof point" thus far has been a steady increase of Tesla Model X youtube videos. We've compiled our favorites here, and, we wanted to provide you with a sampling (see below). If you're considering the best colors for your Tesla Model X, these videos show some beautiful options. And, we've saved the coolest video for the end -- but we're not not so sure if you can get your hands on that one!

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*Source: Clean Technica