A Very Merry Tesla Model X-Mas

Wait... didn't we just send Christmas wishes yesterday in our last blog post? Yes, but we couldn't resist creating a Tesla Eye Candy "Part 2" based on the amazing Instagram images that came in from the many hard-working Tesla Factory workers from the company's Fremont location. It appears that Santa came to visit in his own tricked-out bright red Tesla Model X complete with a chrome-delete that was replaced by festive green accents covering the chrome... oh, and the 22" turbine wheels are also green! Santa even stations himself right in the open frunk to greet those who've been both naughty and nice. And when the falcon wing doors open, it looks like Santa has some gifts... very cool. Scroll down below to check it out...

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We just wanted to take this opportunity to send our holiday wishes and a huge "thank you" to the tireless hours the folks at Tesla Fremont factory put in to get us our much-anticipated Tesla vehicles. Next, we want to thank the workers at the Tesla Gigafactory (as that operation is also growing fast). Last, a big "thank you" to those in Europe at the Tesla Tilburg factory. So, just how fast has Tesla Motors' EU operation been growing since we last reported on it? Well, take a look at this amazing video Tesla Motors released this past week allowing us to travel down the Tesla Tilburg factory assembly line. Then, in the second video, check out the Tesla Model X ultra-cool performance for the holidays. Last, a quick clip of the Christmas-themed Model X at the factory...

Source: (1) Tesla Motors; (2) Tesla Motors; (3) Breanna Moldonado

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